Game Ideas-Series

Hey there, this is gonna be a series I’ll do from time to time which discusses ideas for games. I’m going to try and explore my creativity in this and find many varying ideas that could be used for weight gain games. Feel free to join in with your ideas, and also, if you’d like to use and idea just tell me that you are using it through dm’s, mostly because I want to know that you are making a game on one of my ideas, which will stroke my ego and make me excited to see your game. But you are free to use my ideas if you want to.

If you want to know what I’m gonna do, I’m going to reply to this topic with my ideas whenever I get them. Enjoy!


Character finds old arcade game that has a virus or something. Every time they get points in the game, their weight increases to the total points, the character realizes this and decides to stop, but then the arcade machine displays a message that there is a prize for winning the game, billions of dollars would be awarded to the winner and all the weight gained would be removed. The character could opt out right away with the amount of weight they had just gained or decide to accept the deal, if you lose the game you keep all of the weight and there are separate endings based on weight. If you win you get the money and the weight is gotten rid of. If you lose you can also double down and from there all of the weight that you gain is doubled, including previous gained weight. Secret ending with winning while doubling down, you keep all of the weight and get the money because the arcade machine is overstressed by printing the money and removing the weight.

Mechanics: Increase in weight makes it harder to control, can obscure vision, etc.
If I were to have a say on gender or whatever, probably provide both masculine and feminine body types. But, whatever, it’s not like I’m making the game.


Setting-Mid 60’s
Character is in a government lab, CIA created a chemical weapon that would “immobilize” the populace of Vietnam in an attempt to make it easier to win the Vietnam War, you are (Placeholder) a (male or female) that signed up to what you thought was a harmless program, but now you’ve realized what’s going on. In small doses, the gas increases weight to small amounts, but high doses could be lethal to your mobility. You have to escape.
Endings would probably be one where you gain too much weight, one where you are captured, fattened, and brainwashed to think you’ve always been fat, one where you escape with a low amount of weight, one for medium, one for high, and a secret ending where you gas everyone in the U.S with high doses of the chemical, making being fat the new normal.

Mechanics: If you are too fat you can’t use certain passages that are too small for you, increase in weight lowers mobility making it harder to escape enemies, descriptions of weight would be nice.


I got one… you are a Treasure Hunter (male or female) looking for the Chest of Endless delights but it is in a huge and long dungeon and you have to unlock Six doors to get the chest but to do that you have to gain weight to unlock the door and fight a bosses, game play would be like a normal RPG but when you kill a monster you will get food that you take to your camp or to the town and cook it to gain weight also each you eat you will incase your Skills but if you too much you will get sick and loss your weight and your skills and to upgrade your fullness you have to kill boss monsters, find hidden rare Bloat monsters and bloat pills in the dungeon.

At the end you find out that the chest just makes Sweets like Cookies and chocolates so you open a Shop and sell the food and eat tons of food for free.


So you run a milk bar with some Cow girls, cat girls and a wolf girls but it is not going well and you are a few months away from closing the bar but one day a Mad scientist come in to your bar and may have away to help it she or he made some potions that can make a Cow girls milk taste 10X better also make them able to make more milk also make cats and wolf girls run faster and cook food quicker but it will make them eat more and get fatter faster so you and your co-worker agree to do this to help save the bar.

So the game play is like normal restaurant game Were you give guest the right food and drink to them but you also have to worry about paying for food and outfits as your co-worker get bigger and more hunger because if you to not feed them they may eat the food for the guest, drink the milk from the other cow girls or for the wolf girls eat one or more of the cow girl l also if they get to fat they can’t work the floor and have to still in the back.


Character keeps having nightmares about gaining weight, exponentially these nightmares have her gain more weight each time. They also find themselves eating more often, sometimes even eating while they sleep. Pounds are starting to pack on, mobility issues ensue. The aim of the game is to try and find out what’s happening to you, you find out that company/government has chipped you to study the impact of large amounts of weight on the human body. They give you a choice, keep the chip in your head and you’ll get a lot of money plus they’ll take care of you. Or you could try and get rid of the chip on your own, hundreds of pounds heavier.

Endings include- accept deal and refuse deal, alternate versions based on weight-good and ok endings. Don’t find out the truth-worst ending. Realize attraction by feeding the beast, done by eating intentionally, not by accident-best ending and acceptance?
Mechanics- added weight makes it hard to move, can lead to not finding out the truth. Larger appetite, you need more food to search for the truth but has negative effects on mobility/weight.
idk what kind of game it’d be, rpg maker or text adventure or whatever. This is just a base idea, if anyone is interested I’ll clean it up a bit.

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A new world war happens or something(I’m too lazy to add context). As a result, chemical weapons have been created that would not violate the Geneva Convention. A new gas has been developed that will immobilize the enemy and pretty much would leave the population too fat to move, let alone fight. The new gas when inhaled, symptoms include, abnormal hunger, larger appetites, and cravings of higher calorie substances. Soon after stage one, people exhibit spectacular weight gain and are unable to lose any weight they gain as the gas will effect weight loss. Eventually stage three comes along and it includes an almost insatiable hunger, larger cravings, and it will permanently effect weight loss as it ceases to exist within the body. So all that someone can do at stage three is accept what they have become. It can be cured at stage one and treated at stage two but once it progresses to stage three, the person cannot return back to their previous body. Sadly this gas is being used on frontlines and since we don’t have a way to immediately reach our soldiers, this may be their fate.
Mechanics- Play as a group of people, women, men, or both. You play as a group of soldiers that have to survive the onslaught of chemical weapons that are bombarded towards you.
Endings- Ending One, good ending- You survive the barrage and weren’t even hit with any gas whatsoever, the war is ended with a treaty and your soldiers return home. Ending Two, pretty ok ending- You survived the barrage but your soldiers have been diagnosed with stage one of the gassing, it can be cured but you feel like you could’ve done better, a peace treaty is signed. Ending Three, meh ending. You survived the barrage just barely, a peace treaty is signed and your soldiers return home and are diagnosed with stage two, some may be cured, but others will just have to deal with the new them. Ending Four, bad ending. You “survived” the onslaught of gas, but you don’t even recognize yourself or your soldiers, you and them have become blobs, you can’t even think about anything about food. The enemy won the war and a peace treaty is signed. All people that have been diagnosed with stage three are sent to facilities to take care of them. Ending 5, the secret best ending, done if you grab all the secrets. You pushed past the onslaught and attacked the enemy, you knew that you and your soldiers were in stage three but you still had to push forward even though you were losing your mobility. You pushed to the capital and defeated them, a treaty was signed and all of the technology invented by the enemy was taken. You and your soldiers lost mobility but had defeated the enemy. Blah blah blah, best ending.

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As a result, chemical weapons have been created that would not violate the Geneva Convention.

Pretty sure a weapon like that violate international law. More specifically, Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977, according to Article 51 and maybe Article 54. Not to mention the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Jokes aside, there are some pretty good ideas here.


Yeah, I really didn’t care enough to look up the actual laws and looked through them all. But good on you for actual doing it.


You, a jungle explorer, discover an ancient civilization in Brazil or something. They seem to have a different social hierarchy with all of the upper class covered in flab, but weight varies for the different classes, including the subclasses. The emperor and empress are of course, the fattest. But you (male or female) have just arrived and were captured. The game follows you trying to research the society but slowly gaining more an more weight, different endings happened based on how much weight you gain when learning more.
Mechanics- Weight is a big part of this as it can cause different endings. Possibly could be a text adventure.
Endings- Multiple endings could be found based on weight. I know that this is pretty stereotypical but, not gaining weight or losing weight will give you a bad ending where you return to civilization with what you needed but you feel like you don’t really understand the culture. An okay ending where you gain weight and return to civilization. A good ending where you gain quite a bit of weight and return. A great ending where you gain a lot of weight, like you weigh 600-800 lbs. And the best and second “bad” ending. The “bad” ending is gaining enough weight to become immobile and are stuck in the civilization. The best ending is where you find a radio before you become immobile and call for extraction, your research brings a lot of money and you are physical representation of the civilization or something.

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Okay so you and your (male or female) friend are trap on a island but the island is filled with food that can fatten you both up also Huge animal so you and your friend come up with idea that if you fatten up your friend up you can use Him or her huge body as a raft to get off the island.

So gameplay would be each day you would go out in to the island and find food but also watch out for the animal that may steal your food or eat you, till you friend reach a set weigh and then you can get off the island but you can also find out more about this crazy island and maybe a different way off the island or you can just still on the island.


Okay so you are a King or queen of a small kingdom and your kingdom has fell on hard times crops are not growing, a sickest kill a lot of your people and last you are dirt poor but one you find a very skinny women outside your castle and you take her in and feed her and find out that she is the goddess of the land but thanks to a curse she lost her powers and that why our kingdom is falling apart but there is a way to get her powers back and help your kingdom she needs to get fatter.

So the gameplay is rebuilding your kingdom by feeding your goddess as you feed her and she gets fatter she use her new power to help make your farms better, help repopulate (maybe in the fun way) your kingdom, help your stores grow and many other things but as she helps you kingdom you started to see that people in your kingdom are getting fatter and maybe your goddess is not be what she say she is.


I have an idea, for a game reminiscent of the old flash game series “Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project”, from Warner Bros. It’s a survival-suspense-exploration game with a few weight-gain elements to it, loosely inspired by PUBG’s Zombie mode and the whole “No Nut November” thing.

The player character wakes up in a dilapidated house, in the middle of the woods. He has a vague memory as to how he got there, only that he’d been on a date with a pretty lady and apparently had had too much to drink. Lying on the floor next to him, he finds a detailed map of an island and a note, informing him that he’s been chosen to participate in an experiment-turned-hide-and-seek-game. All he needs to do is to last a week on the island and have no sexual contact with any of the locals. Simple, yes?
Not really. First, the locals are all female. Second, while they may be genuinely helpful and friendly during the day, come nightfall, the women turn into werebeasts. Third, they’re all much taller, fatter and hornier than before. So the PC has to employ all of his wits to evade, run and hide from creatures that can overpower him in many ways. One week, no sex. If he’s caught, it’s game over for him, because while some will accidentally break him to satisfy their libido, others might end up eating him up. Literally.

Spoiled for nudity, but here’s a concept to go along with this, drawn and colored by yours truly.

Like I explained in the first paragraph, this game would make use of either the arrow keys or WASD keys for navigation, it would have an inventory system with a few limited crafting mechanics, and several items that one can use to deter, stun or distract the were-anthros, but no actual life-threatening weapons. Items such as a tranquilizer pistol, with limited ammunition that can be found, stolen, traded or purchased; a taser gun; smoke bombs for a quick get-away; flashbangs; pheromone vials that can be hurled at a group of charging anthros to overload their libidos and effectively “distract” them with each other; a few experimental darts that will alter a few of the werebeasts gradually, making them heavier and fatter as the days pass; even clothing articles can be used as decoys or lures, which I will explain below.

Pretty much everyone on the island counts as one. During the day, they’re friendly enough for the PC to be able to interact with them, to find out more information about the “host” of this game, the island and its residents, and to get things like food, water, clothes and other equipment. During the night, the women will swell into their werebeast forms.
Their sizes will always overpower the PC, so direct confrontation is never going to work if unarmed. They will also have heightened senses, relative to the animals they’re based on (for example, canine-based anthros will possess a strong sense of smell, felines will perceive things better in the dark, and so on), so picking a good hideout to rest and recover will require planning and preparation to avoid detection, as while some of the werebeasts will remain close to the populated areas of the island (farms, towns and the docks), others will be roaming the woods at night, hunting for the PC, either in packs or solo.
While their heightened senses are indeed more powerful than that of the PC’s, they can also be used against them.
For example, a pair of sweaty socks hurled at a charging werebeast with a strong sense of smell will definitely stun them for a moment. Worn clothes can be discarded in some places to throw off your pursuers; staying clean will minimize the odds of detection by a fair bit.
Being chased by a werebeast with really good eyesight/nightvision? A flashbang will buy you some time.
Also, as the days progress, the PC will find their behaviour becoming more aggressive and straightforward, ramping up the difficulty a bit more, not just at night but also during the day, as they will try to find out where you’re planning to hide (it can also give you a few 200 IQ moments where the PC can tell them one thing and then go somewhere else).

But wait, what’s the reward for surviving? I’ve considered a few possible rewards for your efforts that could lead to different endings. One, you leave the island and rejoin the rest of the world, but with the option to pick the one werebeast that most strikes your fancy as a partner. Or… you could choose to remain on the island, to live it out there with the ladies, there’s plenty of room for one more. You could even continue the game in a sort of an “endless mode”, trying to last as long as you can, or a “challenge mode” where you must survive in a set location for one night.