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I noticed the forum made efforts to stay organized via tags or the curated section, but ultimately it’s still up to the user to scroll through countless threads and play games which are hit or miss. Does the link still work? Is it unfinished? Is the game duration 20 minutes or 2h?

So I thought it’d be nice to have something similar to this, displaying games in a more dynamic fashion along providing users with all they need to know, such as previews, whether there will be art, contact information, etc.

Now granted, it might look like a lot of work, and WG Staff have lives, but it could be a community effort and ultimately it’s better in the long term than simple threads.


Having some kinda minimum on description would definitely be cool. I had a few too many “here is gaem” mega-link only to then see a twine game with 3 paths, 3 of which are unfinished.


Quite an interesting concept. I support this. :slight_smile:

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We could really use some picture previews as to what games are. It always seemed a bit odd that for many games the only way to know what it was like was to download it and play it yourself. That or scroll through the thread to see if anyone posted a screenshot.


This is actually planned for the main site once we get it up and running


How long has this supposed site rework been going on? I’ve somehow only now heard of it.

about a year ago or so was the first time I heard anything about “the main site”

No idea what the main site is, but it sounds great.

@pornucopia we have been working on it for about a year and a half or so. The original plan was to try to use Wordpress but we where not happy with the limitations we where hitting and how difficult it was to work with once you step outside of its defined box; so we scrapped it around February in favor of a more modern setup that requires a bit more work on our side but has been proving easier to work with thus far.

We usually talk about it in occasional update posts under #forum:news and there is a RFC hiding in there where we talk about it in a bit more detail though is a bit outdated now.

@Anoncat2, basically but focused on fetish games


And to be sure, its pretty much just grot working on it. I’m mostly just a cheerleader at this point.

Having several things that went nowhere because nobody was there to say they were worth continuing, Keep up the great work.