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Hey all, was kind of iffy on making an account here for a while, but you all seem like relatively chill peeps. You can just call me Saxatron for short, I just made the name on a whim, and i’m into stuffing and fat girls, obviously. Not really proud to have the fetish as it’s pretty unusual(?) but honestly it’s not illegal so I don’t really give a damn, not really proud of having it also contributed to not make an account here, so i’m not gonna get too weird with things. Furthermore, I don’t really want to be primarily known for “this guy likes this fetish”, so that being said, i’m also a horror fan.

Anyways, so what i’m doing right now is conceptualizing some sort of superheroine able to eat to her hearts content, and to be fair it’s a pretty useless power which kind of contributes to her plot and character. Her name’s Gluttoness, by the way. I’ve tried doing some Quest 5 shit with her and currently experimenting with RPG Maker.

In short, hi, dunno if i’ll be too vocal here but i’m really open to adapting the character to something if anyone is willing to take that challenge, and if you guys want I could elaborate more on who she is.

Thanks, and have fun.

Fine. I am actually not so proud too. Welcome, oof.

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I feel you on the guilt part of having this fetish, at least for me it’ll always be a struggle between sexual desires and wanting the best for the people I’m in a relationship with.

However it’s nice to have a place where you can talk about all of these things without having to worry about what others might think or misunderstand about you!


Ya I think you may find that to be fairly usual not just in our community but probably with most fetishes as well. I know a combination of that shame and not feeling like I had much to contribute kept me from attempting to get involved in the community for the longest time. Don’t let that shame deter you though. This community is all about being able to talk and work with like minded individuals, and no one will judge you here for what you prefer.

I have to say I love your superhero idea though. I look forward to hearing more about her ( I know you have another post up but I have not been able to read it yet DX )

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Gotta say, don’t feel a lot of shame about my fetishes. So long as its a fantasy, and stays a fantasy, then there is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about, no matter how weird.
Or you could, y’know, find somone who actually likes that sort of stuff, and maybe practice it in real life.
Whatever, still nothing wrong with it, either way.

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