The 'Gluttoness' idea

No that’s not a misspelling, that’s a name. So if any of you saw my idea for some stuffing themed superheroine in my intro thread , you know I have been working on this character and need some help in doing so for her to be more fleshed out and what she could be adapted to. So let me elaborate on who she is so far;

Her real name is Tiff o’ Donnel with a superhero alter ego named “Gluttoness”, although officially ranked as a second-rate super-hero due to the near-useless power of eating copious amounts of food and able to fatten up to various sizes. The idea is that because of her rank she kind of slumps into a depression until food-themed villains start wreaking havoc, thus roping her out of her depression and into work.

This idea is clearly not meant to be realistic in any way possible and I treat it more as a comedy than anything else, so don’t expect her to stay anatomically possible. I already have her appearance written down, emphasis on written considering I don’t draw, yet. So that out of the way, on to the hard stuff.

The Point of this Thread

I really want to adapt her to something, and i’m looking for some help and ideas on where she’s able to be translated to a playable form. I can’t draw, as previously stated, and only amateur at coding. I just write stories in my free time. I’ve dabbled in RPG Maker and Quest for a bit, but i’m not really satisfied with Quest’s lack of visual reference, and i’ve made attempts for sprites in RPG Maker, though i’m a bit too busy to fully make an RPG game solo.

Any ideas or pitches? I’d love some suggestions!

P.S, i’m not commissioning art for her due to me making a vow not to spend money on sexual stuff, furthermore, my funds are kind of low at the moment.


This seems like a fun idea.

Seeing that this game’s goal is to eat like crazy, or well… taking a bite out of crime!
I’m so sorry… would plumping work via Unnamed Stuffing or SFRPG? or did you have an entirely different system? either way, a super heroine theme is pretty welcome

I have an old text game framework inspired by Corruption of Champions that can easily be applied with your plot. I’ll spin up something for you to play with

Never made a base game, I just tampered with leftover project files.

Neato! I’d love to see it!

Sorry for the delay, just finished my finals, working on it

No rush! You do you.

are you still alive? I have something to show you later today :smiley:

Yup, alive and well.

Here is the prototype so far (NSFW). I’ve been making it for the past week:
gluttoness game link

wasd for movement
left mouse for basic bat attack
space for body slam
shift to run
right mouse for biting

  • Each bite fills up her stomach a bit
  • You cannot bite any more when the stomach is full, have to wait for a bit

Enemies DO NOT SPAWN yet, use middle mouse click to spawn them manually
Also, the player does NOT take damage yet.

When the stomach has food, it will slowly digest that amount and convert it to fat. Fatness has some good effects:

  • Stronger attacks
  • longer and more damaging body slams
  • higher max hp and sp and faster hp and sp regen (not implemented)

But it also have problems:

  • Slower move and run speed
  • Slower attacks(not implemented)
  • larger hitbox (not implemented)

Sorry for the nsfw image, I don’t have time to draw clothes over her.

Originally, I wanted to make an open world text game, but apparently its more annoying (to me) to create a detailed texted based combat system and interface than to make an arcade style topdown combat system. So I set on creating a top down open world GTA like game where the player can go anywhere they want.

Right now, the game is just a bare bones proof of concept, I only focused on the combat system and HUD, not much else.
I designed a few large maps:

  • the apartment area the player lives in
  • the downtown area with shops and restaurants
  • the hero guild area for the guild building.

You can enter some buildings, but only a place holder menu is there.

Next Steps:

  • NPCs: civilians (that runs away), police and police car that arrives after a bit, other heroes
  • Inventory system
  • RPG Dialogues and lore…
  • Quests from the hero guild that brings the player to missions and work together with other heroes to scout/search and destroy/defend …
  • ?? too many to list

Most of the graphics are from free resources, but some are borrowed and needs to be replaced if the game were to be published (bedroom background, train pic)

What do you think about the game, do you like it so far?


the game seems pretty nice so far, can’t wait to see this when more work is done ^ -^

Do you want to help write the dialogues/events and description? I suck at those
edit: sorry wrong person xD

I got two words to start off with.

Holy shit.

This is fantastic so far, I don’t mind a Hotline Miami / Smash T.V type of game for her as long as we get some front / back views rather than just top-down. I’d love to see this develop more, and i’d be happy to give more details on the character if you wish, I however don’t know about events and dialogue considering i’m busy with other stuff, but feel free to hmu if you want me to write some stuff out when i’m available.

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Would it be possible to change the key bindings? as it stands the right button on the mouse doesn’t work well. Having bite bound to the right mouse causes issues with navigation commands within browsers such as opera. I would try to back peddle and bite, opera would then issue the back command and i would be back on the WG site.

Lets start off with what kind of clothes does she wear? I’m going with casual white shirt and blue jeans. Also what kind of other heroes do you want, and what are their personalities. Since the player will be working alongside the other heroes a lot, building up relationships, dating, …

Right now I’m designing some basic ones (no name or personalities, just ability, the other stuff I’m not good at writing):

  • Fire: this person throws fireballs, AOE skill is to set a large area on fire, targets hit with fire will burn for a bit
  • Ice: this person throws ice bolts, slowing down enemies. Once hit with enough bolts, the target will be frozen for a few seconds. AOE skill is to freeze the ground, making enemies slide uncontrollably
  • Katana: this person waves a sword around
  • Sports girl: very nimble, hit with fists and kicks

The new heroes should be finished next week, no backstory though, just basic dialogues

The costume is bright red and yellow, a yellow crop-top and red shorts, along with some long gloves and long boots that run up her legs. She wears a belt that has a design I haven’t really finalized and her emblem is a stuffed turkey. She also wears a black mask over her eyes.

As for other characters, I do have a sidekick planned for her themed to belly / body inflation. Her name is Balloonadonna though I don’t really have a finalized design for her yet.

whats her hair and eye color?

Her hair’s red, haven’t decided her eye color but i’ve decided to go with a batman-esque pupiless vibe for the mask.

Good and bad news. I have decided to upgrade the graphics from topdown Hotline Miami style to orthographic. I’m using character sprites from here. The city and build sprites I already have, and I’m planning on putting everything together. I’m using my existing game - Mother of Mosnters - as a base. The game will look much much better!

But this will take a lot more time than planned, so the next and official update won’t be until a week.