The 'Gluttoness' idea


No that’s not a misspelling, that’s a name. So if any of you saw my idea for some stuffing themed superheroine in my intro thread , you know I have been working on this character and need some help in doing so for her to be more fleshed out and what she could be adapted to. So let me elaborate on who she is so far;

Her real name is Tiff o’ Donnel with a superhero alter ego named “Gluttoness”, although officially ranked as a second-rate super-hero due to the near-useless power of eating copious amounts of food and able to fatten up to various sizes. The idea is that because of her rank she kind of slumps into a depression until food-themed villains start wreaking havoc, thus roping her out of her depression and into work.

This idea is clearly not meant to be realistic in any way possible and I treat it more as a comedy than anything else, so don’t expect her to stay anatomically possible. I already have her appearance written down, emphasis on written considering I don’t draw, yet. So that out of the way, on to the hard stuff.

The Point of this Thread

I really want to adapt her to something, and i’m looking for some help and ideas on where she’s able to be translated to a playable form. I can’t draw, as previously stated, and only amateur at coding. I just write stories in my free time. I’ve dabbled in RPG Maker and Quest for a bit, but i’m not really satisfied with Quest’s lack of visual reference, and i’ve made attempts for sprites in RPG Maker, though i’m a bit too busy to fully make an RPG game solo.

Any ideas or pitches? I’d love some suggestions!

P.S, i’m not commissioning art for her due to me making a vow not to spend money on sexual stuff, furthermore, my funds are kind of low at the moment.


This seems like a fun idea.

Seeing that this game’s goal is to eat like crazy, or well… taking a bite out of crime!
I’m so sorry… would plumping work via Unnamed Stuffing or SFRPG? or did you have an entirely different system? either way, a super heroine theme is pretty welcome


I have an old text game framework inspired by Corruption of Champions that can easily be applied with your plot. I’ll spin up something for you to play with


Never made a base game, I just tampered with leftover project files.


Neato! I’d love to see it!


Sorry for the delay, just finished my finals, working on it


No rush! You do you.