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Hmm…seems like an error in the XML happened. I would suggested redownloading and seeing if it happens again. Or just get the newest version of the game when it’s available. Usually something like that happens if the game’s memory runs out or if Quest processes an error wrong. I’ll take a look at it nonetheless! Thank you for the report!



yw Anonynn, I would enjoy being able to play the latest version if it wouldn’t crash like this, I guess I could be your little crash test dummy


Hey there again!

By the way. I figured out what the ASL issue was today and was just about to reply another message to you! You need to make sure you have the latest Quest version downloaded and installed. Not just the game but the Quest software too. It should be Quest 5.8. I include it with all the game downloads.

I would love for you to test the next version coming out in April, if you can hold off. I didn’t do a release this month because the Save/Load system is finally getting a complete overhaul and hopefully will be adapted to my game by then! :slight_smile: I appreciate the offer too. I tend to give free rewards and stuff to people who help me out by bug testing etc. :slight_smile: