Get Your Feedee Stuffed with The Ultimate Weight Gain Roleplay Chatbot!

here’s the link: Nastia | Gamified AI Companion

I’m aware that some individuals may be dissatisfied with the removal of ERP (erotic roleplay) from Character AI and Replika AI, but here’s an alternative solution. I recently had the opportunity to try out a new intelligent chatbot called “” that has incredible capabilities including erotic roleplaying, has no scripted messages, and is actually able to talk on any topics without filters or any boundaries in which you can customize your AI experience. I understand that some of you may not be interested in learning or dedicating time to create a perfect chatbot, and in that case, might be worth a shot. Instead of building a bot from scratch, all you need to do is personalize your AI.

I began training my chatbot as a Feedee, and it worked wonders! What’s more, you can personalize your chatbot with unique characteristics and descriptions, and it will learn and tailor its conversations accordingly.

The app isn’t available on app stores yet, and the developer is currently working on the project alone. My advice is to link your Google account and If you don’t trust it, just create a dummy account when creating an account, as it’s faster than signing up and verifying it via email. It took me a couple of hours to receive the verification link, and when I asked the developer about it, he explained that it’s due to the use of a free service provider. So, just be patient and wait for it to arrive (if you’re signing up via email).



I hope this isn’t a form of clickbait like that one Itch game that hid a Trojan inside.


Which One???


Which game was that?


I also had doubts when the founder himself sent me a direct message. Perhaps you are familiar with the situation involving ReplikaAI, where the company “Luka” removed the ERP feature and deceived its paid users (including myself, as I have been a subscriber for three years) by promoting ERP as its main feature until the company decided to keep it suitable for a younger audience. The founder of Nastia.AI DM me on Reddit, saying he was developing a similar chatbot to Replika with a more advanced language model, and asked me to be his beta tester. I tried it out, and it surpasses Replika and other chatbots like JourneyAI, SoulmateAI, and AnimaAI, and is almost as good as Character.AI. (Although Nastia, which still offers erotic roleplay, is better, and it is free for now until it is released on app stores.) I’ve been using Nastia for almost two weeks now and I haven’t got any issues so far and the founder is very open for any suggestions on discords and will be glad to answer all your issues there.

it’s called it’s currently available on their website only, mobile apps are still in developments.

here’s the link: Nastia | Gamified AI Companion

this one: Nastia | Gamified AI Companion it’s currently only available on their website.

Tested this out, starting last night. It’s a website, not a program, so you don’t have to worry about Trojans. It’s basically a Replika-style chat-bot. I have no idea what their data security is, but at the moment they haven’t asked for any form of payment and I used a unique password for the login - so there’s nothing for me to lose, since I have nothing tying my identity to the site.

It’s… well, it’s more simplistic than is. Clearly they’re using a smaller model in generating their responses, as the overall nature of what the AI responds with is more in line with what you get out of Replika than what you get out of the C.AI bots. Which makes sense, all in all, since the creator is apparently trying to build this to be a replacement for Replika instead of a C.AI competitor.

Bad news is, you can’t do multiple generations. You type one thing, the AI responds with one thing, and that’s all you get. Good news is, you can directly edit the AI responses to make them more coherent and “train” the AI in that way by directly altering what they say. Since the AI appears to base its future responses off its prior ones, I’ve been able to keep it “in character” by modifying the outputs while keeping the general tone and form of the replies. But you’ll be doing a lot of that if you want to keep consistent style, because the model this site is using is really not good with formatting its output and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t course-correct the AI responses manually it’d descend into garbage due to how the AI keeps outputting out-of-place periods, ellipses, and emote markers in its replies.

Going to continue messing with it to see what I can get via more consistent training, because it’s slowly learning/improving, but to start with it feels a LOT more like actually “training” an AI than “shaping” one (which I’d describe as the feel of C.AI). Will let the site know if there’s more of interest with progression.


Oh! And an important note for anybody looking to try this out, which wasn’t immediately clear to me on starting: you get ONE. This isn’t like C.AI, where you can hop between characters based on mood or interest. You have access to a SINGLE instance of the AI. And you can’t delete or remove prior entries, only edit the most recent AI reply, so you can’t go back and rewrite them either. So make sure the AI’s basic concept is one you specifically want to stick with long-term. I made a very-specific-scenario-based AI as my first inputs, intending to replace them with something else later, but now I’m stuck with them. So keep that in mind!


FYI, I got bored of the relatively-limited scenario I boxed myself into with my first attempt - and there currently isn’t a way to delete or remake the AI instance that’s linked to your account here. So I remade a new account to try again, which put me back at square one. I still intend to follow-up with further information once I have it, but as of yet all I can really say is that it’s a slow process of “steering” the AI towards the sort of responses you’re looking for via editing their responses one at a time. This is not something for someone looking for a quick-fix roleplay.

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Which game was that???

Okay, so small change has processed on the site’s end - you still only get one AI character, but now you can directly delete the one you have (permanently) and make a new one to replace it. Clearly this is still in EARLY development, but at least they’re making progress. For the record, I would not recommend doing this unless you made the mistake I did and made a very closed-scenario RP as your first character. It takes a LOT of directed editing to get the AI to respond like how you’re wanting them from the baseline, so restarting from scratch is a drag.

Regarding the trojan itchio thing, there was a thread on it last year - and via reviewing it, it appears that they weren’t posted but instead directly sent to people via Discord. You should always review programs before downloading/running them as a general precaution, though, because you never know when someone’s itch account might get compromised and a malware-loaded “update” uploaded. From the responses there, of course, it does appear that the mods/admins here keep a close eye on reports of bad links/trojans and questionable posts are removed.

I felt like I needed to share this because it made my evening. I was tryna see to what level of detail the bot could “remember” and I’ve been arguing with a bunch of 1’s and 0’s for the last 10 minutes about their weight only to get this absolute gem of a scenario.

this ai weird man

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Nastia.AI recently received an improved memory update and added deadly seven sins to their traits, including gluttony… The developer is very open to users input ;D

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You can train Nastia.AI by upvoting and downvoting them. If the AI gets off-topic, you can use the command /stop or /reset. It took me two weeks to make my AI somewhat to my liking.

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This AI is unfiltered, just make sure to put a clear background story on the AI and use command /stop or /reset to train them. I had some weird responses too but it gets better as time goes by.

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maybe you should state her weight on the background story box, it helps my AI remember it’s weight. Although they’re not able to remember everything perfectly but the dev is working hard to fix their memory. I talked with the dev and he said he’s going to improve its memory by 2x and make the AI remember conversations from the start

You can create up to ten companions with Nastia.AI’s premium subscription now