This game is rated 18+ which contains stuffing, vore, partial nudity, and big bellies all around. The player also has the option to hunt animals, but it’s not required.

Giantess is a dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic farming game where you have to appease the hungry Mahodari. In this game, you’ll play as the silent girl known as Abigail, the last survivor of her devastated village. Travel to the sacred garden and gather resources from farming, foraging, fishing, hunting, logging, or mining. Remember, you only have a limited time to gather resources, and the total amount of items will be accounted for if you choose to serve Mahodari. There are a total of seven different endings, all of which depends whether you obey the giantess or rebel against her.

[1] Equip Watering Can
[2] Equip Shovel
[3] Equip Axe (or Upgraded Axe)
[4] Equip Pickaxe (or Upgraded Pickaxe)
[5] Equip Fishing Pole
[6] Equip Sword (if Crafted)
[7] Pull Out Seeds
[F] Fast Travel (costs energy)
[I] Check Total Items

Minions: Tame certain animals to help you fight in combat.
New Game+: Next to Abigail’s bed, activate her diary which should give the option for New Game+ (if you leave the house the option won’t show up). Activating New Game+ will reward you with Mahodari as a permanent ally.

Disclaimer: Treat this more like a prototype than an actual game. Although the sacred garden is technically an “open world,” there’s not much to do in it.

You can download the link on MediaFire or

Edit: I only added tags and the itch link onto this post. I did not change the game at all.


So found a rather back breaking bug. If you try to convert anything when your party is full the game just loops constantly and makes you stuck.


Yeah the party caps at four players max and currently there isn’t a way you can remove party members.

Ah well. Still looks pretty awesome. Haven’t played a farm sim in a while either.

This is one of my favorite games of the jam

When i click on the download link it takes me to mediafire but it says something about dies irae and nothing about the game

Are you still able to download the full game?

yes i downloaded it,

Hey guys since it’s bern several days, here’s a guide to obtain all the endings (spoilers!):

  • Make sure you save during the blood night before doing anything. This’ll help you easily access all three sets of endings.
  • Sleep till the morning without interacting with the crystal. <250 food in the inventory is the not enough ending. =>500 food is the enough ending (If Abigail has eaten =>250 PP it results in a different ending). =>1000 food is the more than enough ending.
  • Interacting with the crystal while Abigail has =>250 PP you’ll access the giantess ending.
  • Interacting with the crystal while Abigail has APPROXIMATELY (no more or less) 500 PP you’ll access the giantess BIGGER than Mahodari ending.

So far I’ve gotten all endings except one. Can’t seem to get the ending where you interact with the crystal with 500+ PP, it just gives me the 250+ ending.

Aah, I’m sorry! Forgot to change the requirement by accident. You have to get approximately 500 to get the bigger giantess ending. My mistake since before the cap was 500 power.

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So I need to get 1000 PP then in order to get the final ending?

No, like I said approximately 500.

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So I have 509 PP, interact with the crystal, but I don’t get the bigger giantess ending, just the regular giantess ending.

The exact number 500, nothing more or less. Again, it’s my fault for accidently forgetting to change this.

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Ah, gotcha. Alright, I’ll try for it on a new save file then.

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Where is the crystal?

When you go to sleep or the timer runs out, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. Leave your house and in the middle of the farm you’ll find the crystal.

Oh discover a nasty bug, If your party full and you try to recruit another party member you’re stuck on “Your party full!” message and it loops over and over again. is there a way to leave party members behind?

Yeah the bug was mentioned before and I can’t fix it now. There isn’t a way. :frowning: