Girthbound v1.9 - The Heavier Update

Current Release version: 1.9

Girthbound is a Mod of the the US version of Earthbound.
It converts enemies into fat versions of themselves, and npcs into members of the fatfur community! As of now there are over 150 enemies edited, and over 80 OCs added! It also features a complete overhaul to the game adding quality of life features and balance changes!

You can read more about it in the readme file as well as see the credits of everyone’s OCs!

While the game is considered NSFW, Girthbound contains no sexually explicit material. Every character in the mod is at least 18 years of age or older. All characters and dialogue that represent children in the original game have been removed.



how do i play it once i unzip the file?

Within the folder is a text file labeled readme, it will take you through the instillation process, you will need a normal rom of us earthbound on you computer since this is technically a patch that gets applied.


I won’t downplay the amount of effort you put into these sprites, but I feel this would have been better if you had made new characters just for the game, instead of taking you, and your friends fursonas and OCs, and placing them into Earthbound.


Exceptional rom hack. I’ll admit to not having played Earthbound prior to this rom hack, but y’all clearly put some major effort into everything. I didn’t ever need to grind, and I felt like the game felt pretty streamlined, so I guess those mechanical changes really did work! I especially enjoyed checking the help text on all of the items to see what was changed. Genuinely a lot of fun.

By the way, was the postgame Lily enemy encounter the “optional boss encounter” referenced in the readme? Wanna know if I missed anything.


Im glad you liked it! I put a lot of effort into keeping the difficulty curve interesting while not letting the game become too easy or too hard. (though i dont mind if i receive feedback on this. i want it to be very well balanced)

As for stuff you wanna check out…

I recommend checking Onett again while its being invaded (before postgame), but head left of the hospital.


Hey, I loved the rom hack and all, but I think you should’ve made the cops pigs since you know the stereotype and all.


i would love a actual weight system (mainly for the playable characters) how it would is for each weight stage you get a very good stat boost but you are slower and more subjectable to status effects (and would give said fatter character on the overworld) up to 3 stages (a +5\15\30% to defense and attack but -20-50-80% speed and extra roll for status effect per weight stage) these are mainly gained via food at a % rate and can only be reverted via 1 new item