Gladiatrix - Kitsune~'s submission


I wanted to share the game I made, though sadly I didn’t have enough time to make it good.

Concerning the dialogue skipping feature: You press it once and all dialogue will appear instantaneously, press it again and it will appear per letter as is standard. I apologise if there was some confusion.

You are playing as a Gladiatrix, fighting for money in the arena. You can talk with all NPC’s and challenge them to battle. Some might even have unique dialog options available depending on certain conditions~

And of course Weight Gain is involved as well. You Energy signifies your current Weight in Levels, so having 100 Energy would equal a Weight Level of 1. Currently it goes up to 10, with appropriate Sprites.

There is also a Vendor to buy food from, in case you find the combat at the start to difficult. (Btw. all starting enemies are beatable without that, though afterwards you might want to increase your Energy, as that significantly increases you stats.)

The game is made in Unreal Engine and runs on Windows. Have fun playing~


Update 1:
Fixed the crash on clicking an empty field
Fixed something else breaking in battle
Fixed being able to switch positions with your enemy

Added the Skip Setting to Dialog. You can now press ‘Spacebar’ while in the Dialog window to have all text appear instantaneous.

Update 2:
Fixed one Map Collider missing allowing NPC’s to escape
Fixed NPC’s values not getting saved correctly

Enemies can now use items.
One NPC now has a different colour and hairstyle.

NPC’s now get more EXP out of Battle and higher stat returns

Update 3:
Added an Option to toggle all Torches off (and make the area brighter) in case the game runs to slow on some machines.

Update 4:
Hopefully fixed some stuff concerning Dialogue.


As interesting as the game sounds, we can’t really play it if we’re not authorized to access the download file. Might wanna fix that, my dude.

Well damn, should be fixed now. I apologise!

Lots of fatal errors hanging around—looks like I get one if I accidentally attack an empty square. If I press attack before the opponent is in range, I have no possible way to cancel and choose another action: it’s a a game over.

I apologise, none of that should happen. I’m gonna try and figure out why that suddenly broke.

In the meantime, you can cancel any action in Battle with Rickclick as long as you have not chosen a square.

I’m really sorry.

Oh, geez, I didn’t catch that in the new game instructions at all! That was totally my mistake, durr. Still, at least I could give you a bug report.

In any case, don’t worry! Nobody ever promised game jam creations would be bug-free on the first version. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really intriguing little game world, and I’m really glad you submitted this creation. I’m loving the art assets, the dark atmosphere, and the dialogue, though I would suggest adding an option to skip it sometimes.

Alright, Attacking should be fixed now and you can effectively skip dialogue.

Hopefully everything else works now~

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I really like the idea of this game and there is a lot of potencial. It would be nice if other gladiators will gain weight too. At this moment there is no any challenge in fighting since you can easily win just by pressing attack button, but if different gladiators start to gain weight too and get stronger player at least will need to use food in the battle or fight with those girls which is currently weaker. For some reason after get 3-4 levels one gladiator gilr start to ask me to lose battle, because she don’t have money. It doesn’t matter if I agree to lose or not since nothing happens after that and she still ask the same question. For some reason one gils has been removed from map and I can’t find her anywhere. She was a friend of main character and she was the strongest from all, but she disappeared for some reason.

Thanks for the feedback!

Alright, first up, I’m really sorry that I messed up! On one spot of the map there was a collider missing, so that girl probably ran into the void. That’s now fixed.

Also, previously all girls scaled their values after battle to anywhere between 0 and their respective Max, which in hindsight might have made them too weak, so they now get 75% to 100% of their values instead.

I also gave them the ability to use items in battle, so maybe they will be slightly more difficult now.

Um, sadly I did not have enough time to really do anything with the events the girls give. I’m really sorry.

Edit: I changed something, so she isn’t going to ask you that more than once.

Wohoo, a fast update. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hell yeah! Gladiator combat with weight gain? Yes please!

Would really like to play this, though unfortunately it’s way too laggy for me, for whatever reason.

What kind of Graphic Card do you use? It’s pretty heavy on some lighting effects, so that could be the cause?

Edit: Give me a few minutes, I added an option to toggle most lights off, maybe that could get it to run faster. It’s updated.

Quite a few fatal errors with dialog, like when saying “nothing much” to Turyl. Or when trying to spacebar through dialog.

Um, I apologise for that. I have no idea why that happens, I can’t even recreate in inside the editor, so I can’t debug it. For now I changed some parts of my dialog code, hopefully that works then. It’s going to be uploaded in a few minutes when it finishes building.

Again, I am really sorry.

Btw. Skip is a Switch that globally sets all dialog to display instantaneously, so you do not have to press it very time. I’m sorry again if I couldn’t make that clearer.

I think youre game is really cool. yea it need some updates but that need some time. I look foward to it :slight_smile:

For some reason every time I finish a dialogue option the game crashes. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this game. I hope the bug is fixed soon so I can experience more of the content you worked so hard to create.

I’m really sorry for all that. I think I might have broken something by implementing the skip option. For now I’d say just don’t skip dialogue, I’ll see that it get’s fixed later.

Edit: I’m going to redo the the entire Dialog system in c++ later. I have no idea what exactly broke or why, though considering it look like this it’s not really a surprise.

I want to update this project further, though I don’t plan on adding to much more. I’m really bad at writing and need to redo the character sprites.

The plan was originally to simply use this as a test stage for the systems I want to use in an open-world game. So far I think it works in that sense, as most bugs are most likely going to be fixed when I update the systems fully. As of now about 1/3 of the game is in Blueprint (like in the image) and the rest in C++. This is because Blueprint is much faster to create then c++ and perfect for prototypes. My goal though is to have as little as possible in Blueprint, as with C++ I can debug it better and make sure all systems work as intended.

I’m planing on maybe using this specific scenario as an area later, though for now I’m going to mostly work on getting all systems working better. Maybe I’ll update it again after the judging is done and I redid this system. For now though I’m going to be busy for the weekend, so I apologise for the current state of everything.

I’m sorry if I couldn’t reach you expectations.

Don’t worry you tried and are continuing to try. I hope I can enjoy the game in it’s entirety one day. Until then I’m fine with waiting. Good luck with the game Kitsune!

Aw god, I’m very familiar with this sight from building my game’s dialogue in Fungus.

I also got the crash, thanks for figuring out what causes it!

So far I’m really impressed by how smooth this game feels! I haven’t seen Unreal put to work on a 2D game before (to my knowledge at least). It seems like it’s a good solution!