Glut-Tonne Demon (vore themed twin stick shooter)

The new update for the story mode is out. Right now you can play story mode and try out the game all the way to Pride’s boss fight. The update includes a tutorial, a hub world for NPCs and 4 levels along with a boss arena.

Download Link:

Glut-Tonne Demon Trailer

I’ve been working hard on the next domain for Lust, all the levels are complete and now just the boss fight is left. The bosses take a bit of time, but in the meantime let me share some of the animations I’ve been working on. (Happy Valentines btw :P)
Lust WIP Animations:
Portal Rough
Slam Rough
Spawn Rough
UB Rough

Some Big News
I have launched a Patreon! I’m trying to keep it simple and straightforward with just one tier. Check the page for more info!

It’ll allow me to keep the lights on while I make this passion project and the people who are interested in following the game closely can be involved in the process while supporting me.

If you have the means to, I would greatly appreciate your support in pledging to the Patreon or getting the word out about it! I’m very excited and also kinda scared. (^._.^ )

With the announcement of the new tier on patreon we have some new OCs that’ll be featured as NPCs in the game, if you’d like to have your own OC as a cameo head over to patreon.

Patrons get early access to new builds and trying out new enemy types. So if you want to support the game, help decide key features and see exclusive concept art, head over to Patreon!

Link to my Eka’s

Story Ideas

The basic premise of the story I have so far is a war between the seven deadly sins, with you, the player playing as the avatar of Gluttony. As the avatar of Gluttony you serve the lord of Gluttony in taking down the other 6 Sins that have enjoyed a position of superiority to your lord. Each Sin will have a unique dungeon and boss arena. Each of the Sins could also have their own unique player death animation. (e.g. Lust having a breast vore related finisher)

Developing the story side of things will take a long time to implement into the game, but in the mean time I hope to give patrons a sneak peek into the concept art and hopefully involve everyone in the creation process as well. While not everything is going to be practical to implement many ideas can definitely make it to the actual game. It will take a lot of time and effort as the game is being developed solo.

Hopes for the 1.0 release

By the end of this project I would like to have 6 or so levels with unique end bosses that players can playthrough and perhaps some small cutscenes or dialogue for the story beats. The core gameplay should stay just as action packed and focused (Don’t want to fall into the trap of feature creep). While the enemies, levels and bosses will provide more variety.


Well, color me interested, gonna give it a shot.

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It’s a basic coding demo, but from the movement speed, to the projectiles, you’ve got yerself an interested fella. I eagerly await how this project is going to progress.


Added shadows and improved hit registration, damage also being dealt by enemy but not visible via animations just yet. Health system implemented as well.

  • 3 enemy types made

  • dash mechanic added

  • fullness meter goes up upon getting soul orb

so far, looking pretty promising! keep up the good work, but remember to take breaks!

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Added Menus and an upgrade system to the build

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Added a wave spawning system and game over screens

Devour mechanic added. Pretty fun sucking up hordes of defeated foes.

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This is shaping up to be a really fun bullet hell. One thing I’d change is freezing enemy movement and attacks when you’re digesting as they continue shooting and swarming around you, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to take damage once you finish digesting. Other than that though the rest of it great!

I’ve kept an invincibility duration for that to make sure no damage is taken

Added new digestion mechanics and upgrades to the game.
Run and Idle Animations for each weight are also complete but not yet implemented.

Player animations implemented
Will be working on enemy, backgrounds and player portrait next.

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getting stuff done i see! looking really good so far. not sure how far you plan to go, but an idea i had is implementing some sort of overall progression, where your runs earn currency you spend in the main menu for upgrades that are different than the ingame ones, such as vore capacity, digestion speed, dodge length, ect. something that keeps people playing for more than the first time could move this from a coding demo to a full fledged experience

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Maybe in some sort of a sequel. For now I just want to get this to completion with some trailers and ways to help support the project.


all for that! whenever your ready, i am pretty much 100% on board with supporting a project like this

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Added Sounds and animations for ranged and melee enemies.

Damn this is looking really nice now, you’re developing at such a rapid pace too. Idk how you’re keeping up but I’m loving where this is going

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So far so good. I’ve been enjoying working on unity a lot. Just keeping my fingers crossed that people like the game and spread the word as much as they can.


Great game, I like it very much and hope it gains more traction!

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