Glut-Tonne Demon (vore themed twin stick shooter)

Loving the game even more than before, which is saying a lot!

Finished the Normal game quite quickly and decided to try my luck in Endless. Not as far as others, but I definitely enjoyed it and will keep playing it.

The enemies’ individual quirks definitely bring a good level of challenge, and the speed at which you can level up and start dealing with these things at a more rapid rate is very interesting.

Also, question, when designing the character, did you at all think of Kerrigan from Starcraft? She looks rather similar, albeit more demonic than bug-alien like.

Either way, I very much enjoyed this. Can’t wait for more!

Edit: Forgot to mention! I challenged myself by not touching ANY of the special weapons.

While there is some skill involved in getting as far as i did, a lot of it was just using wrath and the starter weapon when appropriate, and also maxing everything out so i could just go for the heal at every level up. Before i gave up i’d started throwing away hearts like they were worth nothing, throwing myself into these massive hoardes of bonks and vermin and just going crazy. I felt like the mfing doomslayer lol.

(I also cheesed the super annoying minotauresses half of the time by just walking into their shield, allowing the weapon to clip through it and fire. Wrath makes their death a 1 second process so don’t even have time to charge at you)

Sorry for the long post but i’ve been really enjoying this game the past day or two and i can’t wait to see more weight gain stages

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Haven’t played starcraft but I’m glad you like the design so far. :blush:

I challenged myself to not use any of the Ultimates. I have played it with each of the ultimate powers, either by maining one in particular to mixing it with some of them, and even without any.

I personally find it much more challenging - and for me, more entertaining - to not use any of them at all. It adds an additional degree of difficulty that you can’t find when maining Wrath or Pride.

Edit: I would like to clarify that I do not hate the ultimates…I just prefer not to use them. They’re not in my particular playstyle. I do like to keep a distance and dash in and then out to grab the food. I don’t particularly think fast enough to cycle through multiple weapons and taking my mind away for a second from the fight gets me killed 80% of the time.

It’s not the weapon or their designs, I’m just not hardwired for it.


Also, I was wondering if the upgrade screen could be something that we could open instead of having it pop up suddenly immediately after we’ve digested enough?

Like, we finish digesting enough and accumulate a point, but it resets and we continue playing until we’ve reached a safe place and then open it? Like, I get that the game completely freezes, and that what I’m about to mention is an extremely rare occurence, but sometimes I accidentally left click on something I didn’t intend on selecting.

So, even if you don’t add that feature, a confirmation button and/or screen just to ensure that it’s what we want would be a small, nice touch.

Upgrades won’t really work like they do at the moment. I’ve just used a menu system to make a placeholder. The main game will have a dedicated shop system so this shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll keep it in mind though for when I get to working on the wave based mode again.

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Hi folks! I know I’ve been absent from the forum for some time since I’ve been hard at work making my game Glut-tonne Demon. Progress has come along well and I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who support the project and make it possible for me to keep the game free for everyone.

If you want to support the game further and have a unique interaction with Alma and an OC of your choosing then head over to:

Right now I’m opening 15 slots, just to make sure I can add everyone’s OC without being overwhelmed if demand continues I’ll consider increasing the cap.

Make sure to reach out with your idea for the NPC interaction in the hub-world and I’ll get started on making the sprites and portraits to be added in the game.

As always a huge thanks to all the people that have supported this project! ^^


Closing the new tier for now so I can work on the game’s functionality. I’ll reopen it once there’s more time in my schedule to work on NPC functionality.

Pride is meta. And to be more serious, balance the weapons please. Most of them are unplayable.


I’ve had a mixed variety of responses to the weapon balance but for now I’m focusing my efforts on getting the story mode features done.