Gluttonous Gods [Staff Submission]


Welcome to Gluttonous Gods, a RTS Lite game where you battle to fatten up your deity first!

This was actually a Jam idea I had back during the very first Jam but fell through due to life issues. Was very happy to get a chance to revisit it though had to really twist the concept around to fit this years theme lol.

Unfortantly, I was just short of getting to the combat system in so the only mode atm is a free play that more acts as a tech demo then a full game. I do plan on coming back around to this and finishing it up after the Jam as it is very close to being there.

You can find the builds for the Jam here:

To play the game click the icon on the bottom of the screen to spawn units and use the sliders to allocate to which windmill they should pickup food from.

There are builds for Windows, OSx, and Linux. How well it may work on each platform I can not say yet lol.

A special thanks to the following people who worked with me on this project!

Here are some of the deities you can pick from in the game:


Duela Al’Beza






This was super fun to work on! and i am honored to have been able to work with such amazing artists!! <3

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Did you code this or did someone else? I would like to ask a few things about Godot. What they do VS. what my brain came up with.

Yep I was the one who handled the coding for it. You ever want to talk about Godot I would be happy to chat with you!

would be nice if you could get a closer look at your god as the grow, moving the camera up and down would really help with that


A good point. I may add some more movement to the camera in the latter versions.

The folder for the windows version of this game is just called “windows”, in future I think it would be a better idea to name it “Gluttonous gods Windows” so it doesn’t get lost or mixed up.

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Lol ya thats only bc I bulk built everything and did not have time to change the names. Later versions well have better names

On mac, the app itself won’t run, but you can use the terminal to run the binary file inside the app.

Ya I noticed that. I did not have time to test the Mac built until after the Jam closed but I hope to get that fixed latter.

This is really interesting! my only comment on the game would be to add a zoom feature… Maybe it’s just my Mole-vision but it’s hard to see the cute deity from so far away.

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You can zoom in using mouse wheel but it is a bit limited. I am thinking of trying to play with it a bit more though to make the zoom better.

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Has my interest, but is there going to be a mobile version? That’s the only way I’m going to be able to play it for now.

Possibly, the game was designed with mobile in mind so I would like to explore it for sure!

Like last jams staff game, its a really fun concept and hope to see more of it in the future. This brought memories of playing the Black and White games to fatten the pet we had and can only wish you the best for it to reach such gameplay or better even.


i use mac, and app is broken no matter how many i download it :frowning:

Can someone help me please, I know my computer is a bit old but the game just don’t want to start, it always goes to “not responding” stat at the GODOT logo

maybe an Update can Fix it

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Duela Al’Beza’s a cutie!~ I’ll be fattening HER up as best as I can!

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I will definitely be watching over this submission to observe its progress as I really love its concept and idea! I would have to say that Grom is my favorite deity design, she looks very beautiful! Praise Grom!