Gorge World- FatFur TTRPG

Currently working on a dedicated fat fur table top RPG ruleset. Its a dice pool based system, made to be like a snack sized candy bar, small but crunchy. With emphasis on it being easy to learn for new players (as the fat fur and TTRPG community doesn’t have too much of an overlap and I know there will be some people who will get into it just because its a dedicated fat fur system).

Its got a fun aspect where the weight gain is a double edged sword, where it allows you to gain weight focused buffs, but also depending on the weight distribution (you can be bottom heavy or pure belly depending on how you play) that there will be drawbacks. Like stealth checks being more difficult due to the clap of your ass cheeks alerting the guard (yes, thats actually a drawback a character can get).

While its setting agnostic and made for home brew, there’s going to be three different example settings to build off of, a classic fantasy setting with favorites like the Lime gelatinous cube and self feeding animated cake. An over the top modern setting based off of the “Burger Punk” concept, with 80’s 90’s theming, and a mall currently over run by a mobility scooter gang. And a sci fi setting with new wondrous aliens like Roundents, and aggressive totally not geiger esque “Snout Snatchers” and automated vending droids that have run amock. The settings will also include small add on rules, for fantasy, magic, the modern setting has hex crawls, and sci fi has proper multi person controlled space ship combat.

Gorge World is planning to be released on Drive Thru RPG with a print on demand Physical edition.





Alright, a bit of a sneak peak of how the game works using this MS Paint character sheet summary.

On top of that, Health is also determined by how many points you have in Traits so its like having 4 mini health bars that you can choose where you get hit, and can strategically aim nasty hits at weak parts due to how damage wont normally carry over to other Traits if it does more than necessary. ((But there ‘is’ a brutal mode that not only causes damage to lower your traits until healed, but ‘also’ gives characters a new Strain for ‘every’ point over their trait, not just one overall.))


Some teasers with both incomplete and completed art (and WIP logo thats still being cleaned up)

And some formatting experiments for the inside of the book. Taking heavy inspiration from things like old fast food menus.

((Note these were already shown in the tweets above but I also know theres a lot of people not willing to use twitter.))


To quickly elaborate on the rules, its a simple dice pool system that uses Fudge Dice (the ones with the +'s and -'s on them) or D6’s with a simple conversion.

Skill checks are simple, you have four plus one Traits Force, Learning, Agility, Beauty with a fifth one being Girth thats earned as you gain weight. Though FLAB are the ones you’ll use 99% of the time unless you make a Girth specific character build.

Each Trait has 5 circles next to it that you fill in like a scan tron. Each one represents a dice you roll, so 2 filled in pips means you roll 2 dice. The last one being a special re-roll (partially due to the restraint that fudge dice come in packs of 4).

So, to do a skill check, you roll the # of dice equal to the number of filled in pips. And if you roll a + on one of them, then congrats you succeed the skillcheck. Though there are situations that are exceptionally difficult that would require 2 successes.

The - symbol comes into play when a roll is at advantage or disadvantage. At advantage - also count as successes, turning a 1/3 chance into a 2/3 chance per die roll.
At disadvantage, -'s count against successes, which provides a fun rubber banding effect as this hurts stronger characters more than weak characters. Thus meaning that putting a strong enemy at disadvantage is considerably more lucrative than say a common grunt. And also wont feel as ‘unfair’ for someone rolling a single die as its already a fairly low 1/3 chance.

To build on this Skills and Flaws are a very freeform way of customization, effectively descriptive traits or abilities that, if a character is doing one or in the presence of one, then they roll at Advantage or Disadvantage. Like someone afraid of water will be rolling a lot at disadvantage if they find themselves on a ship, or someone who’s an expert duelist will be great at one on one fights.

The Weight Gain segment has been quite a long time in the making and I’ve seen and experienced many issues with previous weight gain and fat add on concepts. Like calculating exact weights, lots of number tracking, figuring out how weight effects characters and dealing with ‘exuberant’ players who try and B-line their characters into becoming the fattest thing alive and immobilizing themselves way too early.

So, the one thing being tracked during a session is Fullness, which is basically the food in your gut. You gain fullness by making a gorge action, each success is a point in fullness. You can only Gorge when theres an exuberance of food, and you can only do it once, then you’ll need to go and find another food source. Though there will be various food items that will automatically grant Fullness AND enemies that can forcefeed ‘and’ be eaten to grant fullness. By the end of the session if its over a certain number, at the start 4, then you gain 1 point in Girth.

Big thing is, Fullness resets at the start of every session so no one is going to ‘what was I at last session’ and so forth.

Every 4 Girth is a Trait in Girth, and also gives you a new Symptom, AKA a fun bonus ability based around your fatness, AND the stomach capacity go’s up by 2. A lot of these things can be tracked by dice, so instead of writing things down, something like a dice set or even just a D20 will work well. Also, if you go ‘double’ the fullness, each point then does damage as the character is very much on the brink.

Now, the ‘other’ fun part, every point in Girth needs to be placed on the body, 4 parts that associate with the FLAB traits. Depending on how you play, its either placed on there by the player or assigned randomly. So Legs are associated with Agility, and whenever the fatness of a bodypart EXCEEDS a trait, a new Symptom is added based on that body part (each 4 body parts have 3 of their own custom symptoms that can be randomly chosen). One of which causing Stealth to require 1 additional success to pass due to the clap of the character’s ass cheeks alerting the guards… yes thats an actual rule.

So characters can gain weight and have different weight distributions, and that distribution, depending on how they level up and try and counter act, will give them unique and fun drawbacks to work around on top of fun bonuses to exploit.

The last bit is that everything else is item based and takes up single item slots.
An item, takes up an item slot, a weapon, takes up an item slot, the character’s ability to fly, its called a Natural Item, it takes up an item slot, a characters special ability to be a contortionist and allows them to slip past enemies, thats a natural item, and takes up an item slot.

A character gets CURSED and is slowly turning into a different animal all together? A Burden Item, and takes up an item slot. And things like Bloat or Waterlogged are special Burden Items that can multiply like Tribbles and fill up your inventory as your character inflates and expands, losing items and overwriting natural items as they are too inflated to fly or waterlogged to get past tight spaces.

This also means a character’s species or race can be custom made at the start of the game as they can have between 0 to 3 Natural Items. The trade off being Natural Items CANT be removed. So ‘average Joe office worker’ with 0 natural items can carry more and use more items than Themberchaud II who’s got a breath weapon, claws, and thick hide.

This also means adding things like new genre specific rules like magic, or space battles, are easy in the original system without bolting an entirely new system onto it. Like fantasy magic items that can act like full magic school, and the power of the magic is determined by how well of a skill check you roll, allowing for fun creative magical uses instead of just ticking off super specific spells and spell slots. On top of setting specific natural items, like inherent magical abilities, or being able to play as a robot in a sci fi setting.

One last thing, movement is Zone Based, instead of measuring out individual squares, things like rooms and other areas are just sectioned out into natural choke points and spaces. Characters can use an action to reposition themselves within the current zone or move to an adjacent zone. A Zone can be as big or small depending on if its somewhat contained, like a massive room can be seperated into 4 zones, while a closet is its own zone as it would take time to shove one’s self into the closet. No more measuring and having to fit everything into perfect grids. Also works amazingly well with Ultimate Dungeon Terrain (the fun target looking circular one).

Other than that, everything is very much built to be worked off of, add new items, homebrew, or even just play off of what’s already there, as there’s already a large armory of basic weapons to build off of.

The 3 Settings that are already part of it hopefully cover a good breadth of fictional areas and can be branched upon by a creative GM. Though yeah, my Goal was to make a game that was easy to homebrew and mod, but not ‘require’ homebrew and modding to work.


So how easy will it to make, for example, a skunk character, vulture character, or blue whale character?

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Very easy, you’d use the selection of “Natural Items” and pick up to three that’s most applicable to that critter in question.

Skunk, probably give em the “Breath Weapon” natural item but re contextualize it that it comes from the other end, and choose the ‘poison’ effect for it and your done, you have a skunk. Maybe give them a high Beauty stat for the classic “romantic skunk” character trope ;D ((Now that I think about it though, I’ll probably rename it to just be called ‘spray weapon’ so it doesn’t imply it can only come from the mouth))

Vulture would be a bird, so you’d give em the “Wings” Natural item for mild flight abilities. Though to fully complete such a character I imagine you’ll have to wait at least 4 sessions of gaining weight to grab the symptom “Iron Stomach” to properly play up a character who can eat ‘almost anything’.

And whale, the “Big” natural item and “Gills” though the latter could easily be summed up as 'they can hold their breath real well. Probably have “Swimming” or even 'holding their breath" as a skill as well to really drive it home.

Depending on the GM, the characters can choose to start with 4 points in Girth to get their first Girth trait and Symptom. You could do that for the Vulture to get “Iron Stomach” early and Whale for… well… being a fat Whale.

Though yeah, big thing is that the character’s mechanically’ work. The Traits like Force, Learning, Agility, Beauty are more aimed for ‘that specific example’ of character. So like, if you make a Cheetah character, you can give them “Agile” Natural Item, but also have 0 Agility cause, while springy, that ‘specific’ Cheetah is a slow and lazy example of a Cheetah who’d prefer wearing nice clothes and be at parties than to run around like someone’s courier.


this could be very cool but i have one question what are the enemies

Sorry it took me a while.
Enemies are totally dependent on the GM, but the game does come with a robust monster maker of sorts, along with 34 (currently) different enemies between modern/fantasy/sci-fi ranging from more normal creatures, to fast food cultists, to sentient food you can eat.

So depending on what setting and type of game your GM is running, you can have your usual evil monsters, or just fight a bunch of sentient food ore a malfunctioning robotic vending machine.

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Here’s one of the recent formatting prototypes for the book, a few text issues here and there but thats mostly due to me trying to add tiny images in the document as opposed to formatting a new font for the dice faces.

Also as a quick update, still aiming for a late December release but whats more likely going to happen is that it will be a January release with a release date announced in December. Other than I’m doing a couple of last little ‘sanity check’ playtests, and finalizing all the images. Currently there’s 30 confirmed images for the book and 25 of those are fully completed. Though that might grow as I’m always open to new contributions to the book.


This looks wonderful, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

the art looks so good

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Also, currently looking at contributions for those who want to make their own ‘frequent customer’ cards. These are how you track your exp and when you level up. Every 10 exp (gained either by surviving sessions and/or completing quests) will grant players 1 level up. And you can either have them stamped, marked, punched, and so on.


Oh seems like this would be a bit of fun

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Pretty cool concept to have ‘frequent customer’ cards as a level up system. “Collect 10 - Get your next meal free” and the “meal” is a more experienced and rounded out character. It would be interesting to know how you came up with that concept.

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This actually seems dope as fuck and very customizable! I’m excited to see how it goes, and hopefully I can find a DM for this!

Also have to say that this is an absolutely fantastic way to have theming with everything, good work on that!

What kind of restaurants do you imagine that give away those cards? Restaurants that serve huge salads, pizzerias, breakfast chains, big buffets like the real world Piccadilly Restaurants, and so on.

One of the settings has quite a few restaurants that would work, “Burger Berg” that’s effectively a very 80’s-90’s ‘cassette futurism’ style world with a bit of that fun ‘cyberpunk’ corpo dystopia covered in a heavy coating of pre 00’s nostalgia, blocky robots, neon colors, and ill fitting tights. There’s the titular “Burger Berg” McDonald esque restaurant, DoughMutt’s, Pudgy Prince and the like. Each one will have their own small write up and little blurb on the history.

From the current look of progress, the book might be out sometime in January.


Unless there’s a big development, I feel safe to announce that GorgeWorld will be released in Q1 of 2024, with a more accurate release date to be announced right after the new year.
(Cover done by Inkspot, some minor placeholder art is still being used)


So what do you think the expected release price will be? I’ll try to pre-order it if possible.

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