Gorge World- FatFur TTRPG

Current estimation of price will break down to
PDF for $15
Softcover for $25
Hardcover for $30
And a ‘plus PDF’ option that will add $1 to the physical copies cause pricing is weird and I cant sell ‘just’ sell a PDF and Physical+PDF variant, I also have to include the ‘just Physical’ variant.

((Note this is the current estimation based on the estimated page count of the current documents, which means it will very easily fluctuate during formatting))

I’ll make sure to reserve $40 or so for the purchase of the product.

Final-until my editors tell me otherwise- draft of the text.

Currently at 40 ish illustrations (depending on if certain diagrams and maps count).
40 pages are of rules with examples, 40 pages of GM tools, the rest are settings/items/glossary/reference.
This is not formatted so I can very much imagine it being a little shorter with text and page size and so on.
There will also be a free ‘one page’ variant of the base rules for quick reference and reminder, and a double sided glossary, all included in a free ‘printable package’.


Gonna be elaborating on something I posted on Twitter.
While all the main writing is ‘done’ and waiting to be critiqued, edited, and formatted. I’ve also quickly drafted something that was gonna be part of a different game that I think I can make into a small expansion for this game.

GorgeWorld for Two
A co-op ‘low player count’ expansion. Which adds a small selection of rules, Journaling option, generalized random tables, oracle dice, and even mostly automated combat. All in a print out ‘zine’ format.

While my mindset desires to keep things as simple as possible, including keeping to ‘only’ using the original Fudge Dice. Unfortunately Fudge Dice can only calculate 6 to 9 options conveniently (rolling 2 dice), any more and deciphering a roll would equate to deciphering a code from an Enigma Machine. So the expansion would require the use of a standard 7 die polyhedral set plus the players 4 Fudge Dice. Though this can have some additional use as it will ‘only’ use one set, and passing the torch of the GM to the other player can be as easy as handing them those dice. Along with a quick reference GM screen.

The whole idea is that, two (or even three) players can rotate the role of GM between scenes, while also playing ‘as’ the characters. So its less like someone is the ‘dedicated’ GM, but more that there’s a robotic GM that someone gets chosen to interpret the rolls of. With a big rule that the player playing the GM at that moment cant be ‘proactive’ with their characters unless the other player asks. In an attempt to prevent the game just turning into a solo TTRPG with an audience (Which, with these rules, you can still very much do solo.)

I’m really aiming for this to be a print out 40 page ‘zine’ that anyone can make themselves (or I can make and sell physical copies if demanded). Emphasis on it being a smaller ‘booklet’ that can be used ‘during’ play. Along with probably a similar sized ‘journal’ if there needs to be more in the way of a structured system as opposed to just buying a really fancy diary.

((Associated art done by Calorie))


Here’s one of the more recent rulebook spreads. There are still a couple issues but at the moment its more about getting the entire book laid out and presentable, before I obsessively go through it a thousand times nitpicking it like I’m trying to decipher some sort of illuminati code. Before my lovely editor slaps some sense into me and make moderate corrections like a normal person.


This will be very good when it comes out.

Seeing as this has kind of been my public dev log, had a few ideas for future add ons for the game and curious what other’s would think. I had general pans to design these in zine format to either be easy to make and publish myself, or so that people can make them at home if they are beyond my normal shipping range.

Mostly this is separated into three things, full fledged campaign settings, Adventure modules (either standalone or part of one of the campaign settings in the book), and dedicated add on supplements (like new rule mechanics). The latter would probably be combined into a campaign setting, but I also note that “GorgeWorld For Two” would be considered just a new add on ruleset.

Some campaign concepts I’ve been kind of looking at and slowly fleshing out is a series of campaign settings. Things like “CyberChunk” (cyberpunk), I pirates/age of sail like fantasy setting with ship combat rules that have been elaborated on, “Bento Box Beasts” which is your Pokemon/Digimon style setting that you can just directly port said critters ‘into’ the game to either play like pokemon, or play ‘as’ them like in Mystery Dungeon. Also had an idea for like… a Fallout styled post apocalypse game but you can play as normal furry characters ‘or’ dinosaur characters, with a fun base building mechanic to boot. On top of that, just really hoping I can release more ‘fleshed out’ full book Campaign Modules for the settings that already come in the book, for those who really want book full of city/town maps, details, random rumors tables and an even larger bestiary.

There were also a few Adventure Modules I’ve been wanting to eventually work on. First, I feel doing a few ‘holiday’ themed ones, specifically Halloween and Christmas might be an enjoyable romp. Halloween in particular as I had an idea of having the GM ‘randomize’ the candy effects before the game starts so that players who buy the module can ‘peek’. And another one would be an amusing take on my main OC Pheal Gud having a Willy Wonka style facotry that players can either ‘tour’ through or try and break in to steal something. With obvious fun fattening and inflation effects. Also, either as a BurgerBerg adventure module or Cyberchunk, I just wanted to turn the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid into a dungeon…

Still, also just generally curious as to what other people would want to do with the rules, what settings they’d play out, or even attempt to convert something from D&D to work in the game.
Would a “Conversion Zine” be popular (if its possible) for like your usual selection of popular RPGs like 5e, Pathfinder, OSR and so on. (though I’ll admit, best I can do with D&D is have stats be based off the Challenge Rating and you know how wonky D&D challenge rating is)

Either way, if this game has a future, I’m curious what y’all kind of imagine it being like.


If you’re advancing this far into development it might be a good idea to set up a discord and cultivate your following further.

Oh, no Discord, I’ve tried setting up a Discord for a different group and that was just a bunch of undue stress. I’m not fit to be a small community leader or to choose a Mod to do something that I’m not willing to do. And as mentioned these are more just thoughts and ideas, scribbles in a google doc, the main game hasn’t released yet (Hoping to do so later February or March). Maybe after that I’ll set up a site or something, but not a Discord, learned my lesson.


While I will still be updating this group forum from time to time, if anyone is seriously interested in buying the GorgeWorld TTRPG, then join the Telegram group so that you can get up to date details, release dates, and even participate in polls to help influence future products.

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Gorge World for two? Seems interesting to be able to play this system by myself if I wanted to.

Here are some more formatting updates and just to keep yall informed if you dont check the Twitter/Bluesky/Telegram. The Players Guide ‘and’ GM’s guide are practically done, there’s only like… a single missing picture in the GM’s guide, but other than that its onto the Settings and reference material which should be a bit easier to go through as its more about ‘lists’ and the like, as opposed to more illustrative aspects and details, or just full page images.

So hopefully the last ‘section’ will be done by mid or early April, followed by me spending a few sleepless nights marking out corrections, crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s, and then having it be sent out to get physical proofs made.

Uploading: GWPreview1.png…

Still waiting for the physical release. What’s your favorite setting that’s initially going to be in the game?

From the looks of thing, the full release is probably going to be on May due to how long it takes to ship test prints of the books to me.

Setting wise, its real hard. The fantasy is fun, but I had a lot of fun with the Modern setting making the flanderized 80’s 90’s hyper consumer world. Though the Sci-Fi space world has all my favorite new template critters in it.

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Are you making a test run of this game?

I’ve had multiple playtests, both ‘solo’ playtests and several one shots and short campaigns, and the precursor to this game I ran 2 separate one year campaigns. While this isn’t the most extensively playtested game (I’m only one person after all), I feel confident that it’s functional, lots of positive feedback (Not entirely positive, there was a few flaws that I’ve fixed).

Also with how things work, the digital copies can be modified after the fact just in case something slips through the cracks.


Cool. Can I get a Invite? or a link?

I will link the Drive Thru RPG page once the game is out, you can also check the links earlier in the thread for the Telegram Newsletter and the Twitter account that I use for it.

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Me and the team are so close to finishing, there’s just one little art asset left and we are just about done with all the formatting. With this we will go and fill in some of the placeholder XXX’s we used to signify referenced page numbers (due to the fact everything was changing so we couldn’t nail down numbers). There was a bit of an issue as the extended strain charts were too big to fit 2 on a page, so my friend Double came to the rescue and did these AMAZING art pieces for each of the extended strain charts. Each one representing the ‘oversized’ bodypart causing trouble.

The last real major add on is just going in and crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s with adding credits to… whew all 70 art pieces, getting the numbers and order correct on the table of contents, I got the ‘3rd party licensing agreement’ that basically says 'if you use our rules, just put this handy little icon on the cover and give credit in the book", and then we just need to make a rear cover, spine, and send it to the printers for a proof.

Its just… so close I can touch it. This thing might be ready by next month.


I’m excited to see it! I’ve been waiting forever and this seems very well worth it!

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