Greedy Gigs

Hello! I’m reallyexists, and this is my game for the 2023 Lo-Cal jam. Last year I made Super Juice Tycoon for the 2022 Jam and this year I have been working on FOOD.

Greedy Gigs is a platformer inspired by open-world games like Spider-Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, in which you must complete tasks around a tiny cityscape to make enough money to buy a lot of food for your girlfriend.


These screenshots are from earlier stages in development, the final version is slightly different.

Download here!

I almost forgot that I totally omitted an in-game tutorial, so here are the controls:

WASD - move/climb

space - jump/advance dialogue

ctrl - dive​

left mouse button - throw carabiner

Perform double & triple jumps by jumping after landing without holding a direction down, and perform a flip by jumping while rolling.

Contains the usual stuffing & wg stuff, in addition to some femdom/squashing and some light sweat mentions/ mouth stuff. Nothing hardcore on-screen, though.

Down to the wire again on this one, but at least there’s a good amount of stuff in there. Once again the final build was compiled literally minutes before uploading, so there are probably some bugs and unintended behaviors. Would’ve liked to get some more polish in a few areas, but the basics are pretty much there, hopefully!

I’m also now doing a tumblr under this name so I can reblog all the fetish artists I follow on main. Maybe there will be posts!


Yessss, it wouldn’t have been a Gain Jam without ya, reallyexists!

Branching out from the Super Juice series I see! While I will miss them pigs, I’ll be looking forward to this one!


Very fancy game! I think the camera is the trickiest part to handle, it would be nice if you could reverse the axis on it, and it can get jittery when next to walls, but the movement and concept as a whole is neat!


Partway through and the hook mechanics feel clean. Just moving around is quite fun, though n’thing the camera as someone who wants to look upwards when i move the mouse upwards. Turns out the game doesn’t like it if your camera looks straight up/down and tries to look even more up/down!

The wallclimbing being locked to camera orientation instead of character orientation feels off, though. Trying to look where i’m going to go the step after next during the wall-posters mission tended to make my attempt to climb upwards instead climb down-left.


The Y-axis thing is a pretty big oversight! I wasn’t able to implement a settings menu in time. I used to not be a Y-axis inverter until I flipped for some reason, so it was set to on by default for testing.

This is also valid, another thing that would be a good option to have. I assumed camera-oriented was more standard but I guess it’s just a personal preference/muscle memory thing.

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Just like the others said, the camera controls are a bit of a pain. But once I got the hang of that it was actually pretty fun to control! Only thing I can think to suggest is make it so that you can only grapple on anything in front of where the character is. That way you don’t accidentally grapple onto a streetlamp right behind you.


The mouse upward and downward position are inverted. Kinda like how pilot controls are for an airplane. That’s the only detail that makes the camera weird to handle. Also the mission success screen is stuck in the first mission. You can move the player but not select retry or close since the game state believes the screen is showing up, giving you the controls you would normally have and not the menu type mouse click menu. With escape you can quit the mission and it still counts luckily so it doesn’t softlock

The project looks very promising, if you plan on continue working torwards a complete version speed and potentially momentum is the name of the game. All humans love to go as fast as they possibly can and with a map and missions designed for speed, it can make the game really fun. I found myself playing the ultimate spiderman race music due to how much these missions reminded me of that game.




It’s like a budget spiderman. I really like it, and the idea

My one complaint is the camera, the only time I use inverted controls is for flying. Also, while controller works, the camera controls are painfully slow (Inverted camera too unfortunately)


This is a great start!

great game though the game freaks out so much when fully looking up or down because inverted camera is hell


I really like the idea, and, ignoring the jankiness of the grappling hook, it’s a really fun game.
Jump rolls are pretty important for movement, but aren’t explained, so it took a little while to figure that out.

Man I don’t think it’s possible to 5 star the apple one I tried like 50 times

For anyone who was deterred by the janky controls and camera, or the unforgiving levels, take heart that the final task is far breezier than the laundry and applepicking missions. You’ll also be missing out on quite a steamyily written domination scene. Colour me surprised that Lillian had it in her to be such a minx!

For those struggling with some of the tasks, just skipping will complete it for you at three stars.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that there aren’t special endings which made the play experience more pleasant without the pressure to 5-star all tasks.

Has it’s rough patches but I like the idea.