Growing Rivalry

Hi hi guys! It’s me again, been a long while I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ve recently managed to cobble together a demo of a game on my Patreon of late. The art is ai-generated. (With a ton of edits done by hand).

While it doesn’t directly have super high weight gain in it, many of the characters do have some weight gain (and some have a lot more…)

The main themes include giantess, growth, breast expansion, ass expansion, weight gain, height theft and more.

All packaged neatly into a card game :slight_smile:

So if you like card games, girls getting big in multiple different ways, come check it out :slight_smile:

But yeah, let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

If you guys want help or just somewhere to hang out, come by the Discord :slight_smile:


I wish I just had an infinite amount of money…all these Patreon projects and I can’t even play a single one of them


I’m on day 4 (easy mode) and have only added 1 new card to my deck (Stomp), but I already like this combination of mechanics! I really adore seeing the other contestants change as time goes on! It’s quite thrilling and will add a lot of replay value for me! Since I’m on easy mode, I suppose that’s why I haven’t diverted from the starter deck, but thanks for having different starter bodies! Great idea!

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You know that you can just download this, right? Just click on download now and then on [No thanks, just take me to the downloads].

The Game work very well and I love the Deck building Because how fun it is to make a Strategy The only problems is that later in the game The HP of the enemy Can super high and make battle long and boring also they can heal making the battle even longer.

The demo is free. Just ignore the pay popup and go to downloads.

Eventually you can build decks that deal insane damage. With cards that ramp up their damage quickly to make higher hp enemies much easier. Dark fairies (found inside the fairy pack) have a lot of ways of dealing heavy damage, making it a bit better as a late game deck.


Is it playable using joiplay?

While AI art is better, I am disappointed your art style is changing from your previous games. Although it wasnt the best, you were certainly getting better and it was refreshing from all the other AI art projects.

Games looks fun, hopefully it turns out.

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I mean, Stable Diffusion and the like are very unpredictable. Every prompt will generate a completely different image in a different style, even if you use the same prompt two or three times in a row.

Does the Patreon version have more than the demo at the moment?

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Just for clarification, I somehow glossed over the fact that there was a card shop entirely. I thought Titania was the only way to get cards so I was simply on day 7 with the starter deck and Stomp

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Just finished my first run on day 14 with 4200 height. I’m honestly surprised by how much content this game has, and I was also genuinely shocked by how fun the card game aspect of the game actually is. Cooking up a super broken deck (and I mean REALLY broken, I think the balance is kinda all over the place) was really enjoyable, and progression felt rewarding. I played with wagers on, so I don’t know what it’s like without them, but the pacing of the game felt mostly good with those.

I know the game just came out and all, but I still think it’d be cool to start sharing decks. I gravitated towards buying fairy packs (for obvious reasons, just look at them), and I ended up messing around with some of the Dark Fairy synergies. Turns out Dark Fairy Queen Ultimate is pretty busted, and it’s pretty easy to consistently win every single battle in ~4 turns if you build around it. Here’s the list I ended with:

As per the norm of card games, having the smallest amount of cards in your deck is probably for the best, so I went with 15 cards. It was pretty impossible to lose a battle with this setup.

Overall, though, I’m super impressed with the game so far. I honestly hope people don’t sleep on this project as well, because I think it would be awesome if there was a sizable playerbase for it. I have a few complaints, but they don’t ruin the experience.

Obviously, there quite a few issues with the balance, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal in this kind of game. Another issue was that in the late game, the few remaining contestants didn’t really lose much height ever, with wagers staying too stagnant to ever make them lose a significant amount. There were also a number of small bugs and visual glitches, but I’m sure they’ll get ironed out with time. My last real “complaint” would probably be the lack of many visual stages for the MC, but I imagine that’ll also be resolved in later versions. Despite those slight issues, though, I still found the game to be really fun. Hoping to see more from this project in the future!

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Hey, after I figured out there was a card shop I also went dark fairies. They really are funny strong, my deck at this point has enough healing, card draw, and deck cutting that I can essentially go infinite height wise with Dark Fairy Domination. It’s day 8 and i’m approaching 3K height, only thing that stops it is sometimes the game just decides enough is enough and the card just doesn’t work anymore lol.

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You can try it, but I can’t guarantee it will load 100%. I know it can have some issues with pictures trying to load simultaneously.

More or less I wanted to originally draw for this, the picture load grew too fast too quickly, the paid version has almost 2000 pictures. I will be going back to hand drawn stuff for another WG project in future (already begun slowly getting stuff ready for it)

Yes. Girls go up to stage 8 (some 9 and some have a full 10 sizes). Multiple side quests, 6 more card sets, multiple hidden bosses, alliances and domination options. Lots of extra stuff on the paid version honestly.


Just completed my playthrough and dark fariy build is really really strong. I can draw out any game to gain 30cm for as long as I want and if I fill my deck with cards that draw and/or heal me I can one shot any opponent after turtling. Consider this if anyone is finding combat too hard

Rad. Is the Demo save compatible with the Patreon build?

I try the game it was fun :blush:.
But if you can make the game have characters customize?

Sadly no. There’s a lot of differences between the two. Loading the demo save would essentially lock you out from any Patreon content because it all needs to be initialised when the game boots up.

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Maybe one day far down the track. Given the amount of images required for each MC type and then the ability to change particular parts, the number of images multiplies very rapidly when multiple types are added

Fair enough! The game loop is fun enough to start over from scratch, so I don’t mind. Just wish there was a way to keep my deck between saves, haha.

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