Growing Rivalry

Nah why do that? Patreon version has 6 more card sets you can play around with :stuck_out_tongue:
So many deck choices! :smiley:

I wish there was a software sdk like renpy or rpgmaker only instead for deck building card games! Then maybe I’d try making one.

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Only one I know of is through Unity. But still requires a lot of manual coding knowledge and scripting. (Tried it myself, veryyyyy difficult to grasp)

That and with the new model they are using, you get slammed by fees.

Gamemaker Studio is also an option and they just changed their business model to a one time purchase of $100. Still requires coding and scripting but that’s going to be the case with most software unless it’s designed around the style you are going after.

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Some of the card descriptions get cut off in the deck editor so you can’t tell what they are supposed to do.

The deckbuilding in this is really fun! That said, the deckbuilding UI feels a bit finnicky. It’ll scroll up or down when I’m trying to mouse over something, and it seems like only the bottom of the cards is actually clickable (and as you scroll further down, you actually have to mouseover way below the card you’re actually looking at to read its description or add it), and as was said some cards descriptions don’t fit in the box. Personally, I would have the sort options sort by type rather than rarity, but that’s just me.


Yeah. I would advise using the keyboard for deck building. Much more user friendly

Visual bug:A copy of the characther apears to the right while you talk whit him

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after putting maybe about 6 hours in this game, i believe i found a deck worthy of challenge runs. not the dark fairies mind you, but parasites. they are found in the first deck pack, which gives 6 cards instead of 3. in order to pull this off you have to abuse the ability to purchase deck packs even to negative heights. i bought the first pack until i had -5 height, here are the results.

parasite decks let you go from my reality breaking -5cm to 300cm in day 1. im sure if i pushed it, i could have gone even further. the key here is in 2 cards that interact with the parasite mechanic very well. Invader and Zombie, in tandem, can keep your deck running for theoretically forever if you play it well. duplicating the zombie with the invader’s discard, you now can mill out 4 parasites and duplicate those to your hand.

now all you need to do is try to continuously dupe invaders with invaders and dupe zombies, and you can continuously use the 2nd part of this deck; the succubus. she will give you height times the number of parasites you played over the entire match you are in. surviving for a couple minutes can net you already more height than if you lose the match, and thanks to the fairy card, you dont even need to lose, boosting your parasite damage by 1 per fairy played.

what really set this build in for me, is i found a blood infusion card in the very same pack, that cost 10dp, 6 mana, and it heals you for 25 and hits for 15. and then it doesnt even remove itself after that, so you can live for an insane amount of time before energy drain cast by the enemy stacks too high and 1 hits you.

lets see if we can hit day 2 queen battles with this one


do you plan on releasing the game on steam?

At this stage probably not. Steam requires a rather heavy upfront payment to post onto. If there’s enough desire for it, I can bite the bullet and post on there.

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I have a question, do the girls that we are playing 14 stages of growth in the gallery, but I have already reached 1800 growth in one girl and I do not rise above stage 7, is this the limit of the demo version or should I continue to gain growth?

In the demo, the main character had 7 stages. All other girls have 5.

Full version have 8-10 for each girl (some have 10 currently, others only 8) and the MC has 14.


the game is cool, but it’s a pity that the full game is on Patreon, I would like to try the full version, but Patreon is blocked in my country

Tried the demo and thought it was pretty cool.

I do have a couple of suggestions/requests for the final game if at all possible

First is a sandbox mode to let you face any opponent in the game at their various heights to make gallery completion easier as well as taking off some pressure due to the time limit implicit in the main game.

Second is a card list in order to make collecting all the cards easier.

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Also you need to prove that you own and made each AI sprite you create for that game if you want to release it on steam last i heard!

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I do believe I have the originals for 95% of them I think. A few got lost in transit though :confused:

I will look into it eventually……

This is looks pretty complete for a demo what other content do you intend to add in the future?

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Eventually I’ll add some other features from the paid version into it. And more cards over time.

Oh and of course any major updates to the plugins and such is a given.


Quite interesting. A card game in Rpg-maker?. I’ll give it a try.

I hope the heart of the cards is with me, so my character in the game can become the Queen of games.

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