Growing Rivalry

You need to defeat Celestia until she leaves. You’ll get the card that adds it to your Deck for the battle when you do.

You went passed it :stuck_out_tongue: The thresholds aren’t that high. So you most likely skipped right passed some of the middle stages

Thanks for clarifying. If you don’t mind one more question, what exactly is new game plus thing and how do we get it?

Love this game but i can’t buy on patreon for now due to region payment restriction so i wanted to ask how big is delay between new version upload on patreon and itch io update?

Suggestion:add another menu whit a card “wiki” were you can select any card(even that you don’t have) and see the effect whit a bigger textbox since the screen won’t be cut in half

Check the discord. In the deck guides channel is a pinned post with all the cards listed and their effects :slight_smile:

It’s more side content than anything. So few hidden side bosses and some cards with them.

You need to keep donating to the statue, that will trigger a fight. You need to win twice in order to get the NG+ trigger

Could you please give a slightly more detailed walk through to access the fight and NG+? There isn’t much instruction given to players from the game itself so I’ve been struggling to figure it out. I’ve limit tested the statue donated an overall total of 20k height and did receive some dialogue about the boon but haven’t figure out how to trigger the fight you’ve mentioned yet.

Once the statue hits 5k, well Diana, she’ll disappear.
Head to sleep and go back to the temple. Scene will trigger automatically.

Just for clarification, is it number of times donated, or total, cumulative height given?

Cumulative Height.

Each time you donate, Diana will take 25%

Any chance for a new Discord link?

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Sure thing :slight_smile:

Can i get the new discord link too? jokes! trying to be funny… Love the game so far NickSav!

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