growing with the crowd based idea.

so people likely have seen Growing with the crowd by Bweem (Growing With The Crowd!)
This ended up with me coming up with another game idea based off it. !!! Reminder I Can’t Program But in a few years I maybe be able to commision this but if someone else wants to your free to make it and get anything you make off it. since you would have done all the work after all.!!!

it keeps with the idea of gaining weight for views but more of a streaming style.

you stream your character eating food and gaining weight. you make money based on the fan number with you getting more while streaming but still make some just from old videos. I was also thinking you have a max weight but get a special serum that at the cost of your current weight (and fans) you can raise your max weight. and you get fame based on your old fan number.
I was also thinking the serum slowly makes your body a lot stronger. both to handel the weight but your skin just more durable. I don’t have a set idea of weight but I think island side (as in eating enough to be a land mass) to likely planet sizes or something. hell I am even thinking when you get large enough people will actully make homes on your mass (at this point I would say another thing gets involved to do a reset)


There’s elements of this idea I really like. Unfortunately, I’m also in the camp of “can’t currently program,” so it’s not something I can work with at this time.

And, being a huge fan of a particular Foxfire OC, my first thought was, “Kiari Simulator.”

Hey there. If you want, can you PM/DM me with a bit more thorough explanation of your idea? I can’t draw, but I can code. I don’t have much experience, but I’m willing to get some, and I’d love for you to tell me more about your idea. Maybe I can be your programmer if you can draw. And, most importantly, what form will you want this to have (RPG, Visual Novel, Text Adventure. Cheers!