Growth Academy Modding Team (scrapped and moved on to something original)

Hi Everybody, Snakes here.
This project has been scrapped. While we love Growth Academy, we were putting so much work into the mod, it eventually mutated into something new. And with help, encouragement and the mentorship of the GA devs, and all the friends we made on our journey, The Commandos would like to present our new original game.

Galactic Bulge.


This mod sounds dope

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Lol, thanks dude. We’re really trying to go all out. New sprites. New art. New designs. New stories. New Protagonists. We just really love the IP and we all wanna flex our creative muscles

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It is definitely ambitious and it sounds interesting. It seems like it will be a very detailed and overhauled mod. I wish you and your team the best of luck with development.

I’m an artist and I would be down to help out. Send me a discord invite link and I’ll show you some of my stuff.

I’m confused why this is considered a mod? It doesn’t seem like it is being built on top of the original game, especially with the brand new protagonist. Sounds like it is more of a fork or a fan-project more than anything. While I am aware of ConnorWithARailgun’s GA Gaiden comic, this doesn’t sound like its anywhere close to that.

I’m also curious as to what’s the plan for the characters, both for the new ones as well as the old OCs? The latter set are still being developed and there is no telling how their routes may change (here’s hoping Aida’s route is less…fucked, in several senses of the word), ad it seems weird to go ahead and change them out. And I have no context in regards to your new characters, what are even meant to be their appeals and fetishes? Or even who they are?

It doesn’t help that the final structure of GA is still undecided, seeing as you can jump around routes and view scenes at your (linearly-paced) pleasure, instead of a day-of-the-week or trafficked format. What are you going to do about that? Keep it as is? Make a new structure? Expand the current one to something properly playable?

There’s a lot that just doesn’t seem all that right about doing something like this. Like, I’m willing to go out on a dangerous limb and say were it be a monetary project, it would graze against the threshold of being titled a scam. I would at least like to see more context, more information about what you are all are doing, what you are planning, how is this meant to interact with the main game, even down to why does this exist, so and so forth.

I would suggest for the others to hold off on the excitement and wait for some more clarification and information, especially in regards to joining the project. I would hope you all are able to assuage my fears about this, so I can confidently give my well-wishes. But I would still say be skeptical about this 'til then.


These are my thoughts exactly! The game isn’t even finished and they are calling some characters underdeveloped which are all the side characters. The devs have stated before that the side characters aren’t the focus and we will see the spotlight on them in their side routes. This should be its own game at this point with how heavily they are pushing this. The whole thing doesn’t sit right with me, the devs work hard, this comes off as a slap in the face to their hard work IMO.

since your foucusing on modding Growth academy i would like to point out another VN called Student Transfer, it’s just a gender bending/ body swapping/ mental control/ Memory Edit and Magic stuff But they did add a function to their game that allows other people to develop scenarios function for the game itself that allowed fans to make their own non-cannon story not sure if that would interest you guys to mention to the actual developers of Growth Academy themselves.

@TaylorMan1818 I can understand your point, but this I’m sure is done like most mods are out the creators being fans of the game and source material. They don’t own any of the existing characters, writing/coding the current game contains which it looks like this mod will contain at least some of.

The original GA devs are open to fan creations and mods they encourage the community to develop and share their creations. If they weren’t okay with something like this I doubt they would have a section of the discord open for fans to create and share stuff.


That is a little extreme in my opinion, the devs for this mod have been around within the GA community and on the official discord discussing ideas and designs for fan creation stuff for awhile. They are just looking to drum up interest and get help with an on going mod that they are designing.

I do agree more info could be given on the structure of the mod and how it will function with the main game but at the end of the day if anyone has any truly outstanding issues with a fan mod being made just don’t support it.

This is a weird idea. Modding a non-WG game to get that good stuff we all like in there is one thing, but chopping and screwing someone else’s WG game that they’re still in the process of making? That hits a little different. It really begs the question: If Growth Academy isn’t quite the game you want it to be, why do this rather than making an original game with similar content?

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Hi! We’d adore having you on board if you’re up for it. Can I dm you a link?

It seems like these are valid concerns. I’d love to hear more. We’re not in the business of “screwing” somebody else’s work. The Game devs specifically made it so people could mod it to their tastes if they felt left out. We just want our mod to be of much higher quality than simple sprite edits or something.

That being said, you make a very good point. I personally never thought of it that way. I guess because GA isn’t just a weight gain game, and it’s an incredible concept that just doesn’t have anything similar like it. And we like the core concept and we love the characters.

Would you like an invite to our Discord? You’ve got lots of good points that I feel our team can better explain. And hopefully set your concerns to rest.

However, to answer an important point. No. We are not looking for money. That is something I’d like to go out of my way to confirm. We are not after “donations” or anything of the sort

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From what’s been said it seems like this is less of a mod and more of just another game set in the same universe. Which is totally fine, though it sort of makes me wonder why you guys don’t just take the concept and make your own game.

Functionally I was wondering about how you guys are going to handle expansion and fetish elements. For example, the BBW character in academy doesn’t really engage much in fetish content beyond getting larger. Are you guys going to follow that same kind of route or are you going to lean more into the feederism aspect?

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Would you like an invite to our server? The team can definitely explain what we’re up to.

I mean, I guess. But is there a particular reason you don’t want to just respond here? Not trying to call you out or anything I’m just in 2 billion discord already and just wanted a bit more info on your concept.

Because this seems like an interesting idea I, and probably many others, just want to know a bit more.

Ah fair. Well if we can do this hear, you may just have to forgive some paraphrasing on my part. I’m just one part of the team, so I can’t speak for Festivia, Doodlebug, ect.

Well, for one, we’re perfectly aware that the VN is a work in progress, but also that certain things are far too late in production to change now, if they even should be changed. Alice is one. Some people like WG but are not fans of the Hime-dere trope that she’s built around. But also, Alice does have legitimate fans who shouldn’t have her taken away from them. We’ve each been on the GA discord at some point, either as a lurker or as a participant who’s been somewhat left out of the ven diagram by the direction the game is going. But what we want to do is put our money where our mouth is.

One of the things we’re doing is a Growth Swap mechanic. It’s gonna be a herculean effort on our part, so we’ve limited it to one character. But it’s something that unlikely to ever happen but there’s still some fandom demand for it, if you get me.

The side characters we want to play with are definitely gonna get official attention later down the line. We don’t doubt that. But what we want is for say, Chibuki, to have more than a side route. We want her to have 80+ scenes and CGs (heaven help us)

We wanna go above and beyond because we love the concept. The Devs have said you can’t please everybody. We wanna please ourselves, and hopefully others too who have some different preferences

If I’ve left anything out, please let me no. I’m not much of a public speaker

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I looked over your first post. Are you only looking to expand your art and coding team? Because I have experience with writing and would love to be apart of a project like this. I can provide copies of my work for you to review. If you don’t need another writer, I understand.

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We’re looking to expand our creative team in general! I’m gonna give you an invite to the server if you want

We’d love to give you a shot and explain to you what we’re up to!

I realise I definitely misspoke by calling the side characters “Underdeveloped”. You’re completely right that they’re not main characters, but we still want to make scenes and art about them. But we’re trying very hard to not throw what is essentially our fanfiction in the face of the actual devs, who’ve put so much work into making game they’re proud of.