Growth RPG

Not my game, but I’ve seen this game on and was surprised there was no mentions here on the forums. Played it for a while, there’s a lot for being a WIP (6 GB for the free version). Growth RPG


I wish this forum didn’t keep making a link to Itch every time it’s name is brought up, I keep clicking on it by accident and it’s really annoying.


This game is furry but if that’s your jam or you don’t mind it’s really good. Played through it and very much enjoyed it. There is a bit of a grind but you can cheat in console commands if you really want. The dev updates fairly consistently as well. And if you have any questions about it there are forums of answers for your questions.


What are the console cheats? I tried to experiment with them but so far I haven’t been able to change much.

i like this game but the previous two free updates were grindy as heck!, thankfully this current one seems to have improved xp earned

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If I remember correctly cheat engine works on the game and everything seems to use [Double]s.

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There’s also an easy to replicate duping glitch in this version, all you just need is a weapon to enhance and the enhance material (or whatever else you can use as one). If you select the material and just keep right-clicking and bringing its number up while in the enhancer list you’ll find yourself with way too much money. That’s what I did to get 1000s of Essences of Growth.

I played a bunch of this game and it reminds me a lot of Fatty Text Adventure; it’s very much a furry centric game, there’s quite a bit of customization for your character, you’re in a mostly medieval with a bunch of modern elements thrown in, your stats are determined by how BEEG you get, you start both games very very weak, (although you can make the early game much smoother in this than in FTA) and both games get grindy when you want to hit a lot of the high level caps.

Despite all of the faults of this game I like it a lot, I just wished the overworld didn’t crash all the time and the anvil on a stick wasn’t so weak.


Like what? I’m not super knowledgeable about command codes, personally.

Cheat Engine is a external program that can modify values in memory.
So you hook Cheat Engine to the game and search for the values you can modify them.

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Roger that! I assume there’s videos online to help me with that?

I have to say, this game is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect that much content of that quality.

It might also help that I like the super engaging gameplay of running through the sewers opening literally every barrel and chest that is there, unironically

I just wish that Fat made them wider than it currently does

Was it just with me or did the game start crashing like that immediately after I created a second character? Before that I could explore the main world for as long as I wanted without problem, but as soon as I had 2 save files both characters were crashing in the main world after 2 consecutive minutes of being out there (3 files actually, I didn’t use and didn’t delete the file that is already there when you boot the game for the first time)

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Three tip from me:

  1. You can continue to play your character in the new version if you copy&paste the new files into the old older. Most times it works through glitches (like loosing all XP but not the levels) happen.
  2. You can farm XP easily by provoking random battles with Mimics. They give 500+ XP with every additional fight on the map increasing the count. The highest I pushed it was 30k XP per fight.
  3. Have you seen the character-string at the bottom of the editor? You can copy&paste in there.
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There a build-in Tutorial in cheat engine. Just use that. [Cheat Engine]

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I just checked and yep, having more than one save file makes the overworld crash a lot more than normal, compared to when I had 2 saves I never crashed on the overworld a single time, good find!


does anyone know what level 100 on the broken sword actually does?

more XP level. That’s it.

This game has potential, but the Jank combined the constant crashes made me remove it. Maybe I’ll revisit it later down the line when it get it’s stuff together.

Been having nothing but an absolute blast with this game. I was only considering subbing for a short time to try it out, but the potential is too great and now I’m a recurring customer.

How do you provoke random battles with mimics? I’ve fought some but they’re rare, is there a mechanic to make enemies fight you?