Gumia's Unbelted Terror :Elf Update Public Release: (Cave WIP on Patreon)

Hey everyone! It’s old man Grimimic here with some fat pixles.

Most up-to date version is on my Patreon

Formerly known as the unamedstuffingrpg. GUT is set in a fantasy world of Gods, goblins and monsters, Gumia’s Unbelted Terror takes place in a world where people have started acting strangely. Everyone has been eating more than any human could consider normal, and it’s really starting to show. Almost every female NPC in the game and all of the playable characters have quests and scenes about them expanding in one way or another, and with new scenes unlocking as you progress through the game, this RPG will be one that you’ll always be looking forwards to. The game includes hours of side content and quests that grow not only the story, but also the cast.

You play as Phage, a thief and young woman who is delighted with how the world seems to be changing. Follow her adventures as she meets old friends, makes new ones, eats more than you could think humanly possible, and maybe even saves the world!

The newest free version is on
A lot of people missed the battle update, so if you haven’t seen the battle sprites go ahead and play this bug fixed version.

For anyone familiar with the stuffing rpg you’ll notice this is the same game, but now that It’s got a name and the story is continuing I’ve decided to make a new thread, and leave the old one up for archive purposes.

Picking up where the mountain update left off we have a whole new story arch and area to explore.
Travel through the forest to the village of the elves, Meet allies, old friends, and new enemies, while learning about Adipe’s past on your journey to collect the crystal shards and stop the mad Goddess Gumia from enslaving all of humanity.

*See me finally decide to include actual art for the first time ever. Some of it might even be kinda good!
*See a new set kind of sprites for the main characters for use in a repeatable mini-game
*Fight your first ever feedable boss, and make her a fat of she!
*Get the see the magic cart used again! :astonished:
*Maybe even see an elf who is plus sized!?


So, this means if I have already played the battle update there’s no need to grab a new copy of the game? or is there new content already added under the new title? (I couldn’t quite tell from your OP.)

sidenote; when you do release a new content update, will it be save game compatible? or will the game having a title now force us to start at the beginning again? or maybe you don’t know yet?


Absolutely hyped over this comeback. This was among the first games from the site I played, and seeing it get a new story update after so long has completely made my day.

PS: You might want to change the title to let people know what this actually is. I somehow thought this was a new game until like the fifth sentence on the OP.
Something like [Gumia’s Unbelted Terror (The No-Longer Unnamed Stuffing RPG update)]


what I do?

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Hey I am a stupid who cannot get patreon to work, are there other possible avenues like paying on itch or kofi or the like?

Ah yes, Currently Named Stuffing Game


@namad The Patreon build has additional content, there’s a whole new area to explore. Also old saves don’t matter since he has built in saves. I’d just use those as I know he’s added new plugins which might not work with old saves.

@Powerz_Kelp Currently Patreon is the only way to get the latest version. Don’t know if he plans on using anything else.


So now that you have the title, what is the new version of this game? Like what is the number of this game?

To my knowledge he doesn’t have any version numbers, but there was a ton of content even before he updated the game.

Oh I see, so is there gonna be vore involve in it as well? And are there gonna be more new areas to pop up as well?

I don’t think there’s vore, but definitely more areas will be popping up.

Okay so more areas means new adventures along the way, right?

Error entering the bakery in the second town. Looks like an entire image is missing.
Edit, you can make a quick fix of the issue by copying usefull props 2 and renaming the copy usefull props 3.


so glad this game got its own name, when it was just called stuffing rpg it was hard to tell it a part from other games that used the same name

Wait this game NOW has a name and it not a bad one.

He’s back and out of currated projects

Another glitch. Forgotten Temple stage, going into the trial to the lefthand one.

usefull props 3
usefull props weapons

I deleted a couple of images I didn’t think were needed to save space on the free version. Turns out they were VERY needed. So I’ll be bugfixing that soon.


Hey, I can’t find the secret about the missing candy man in the slums of the second town. A hooded man gives you a hint to check south of the armor and item shops, but despite checking everything twice I couldn’t find any info. I tried "ctrl f"ing the previous thread to find a solution and got unspoilered images of an area that I hadn’t been to yet (the candy factory, which didn’t reveal too much about it but still makes me gun shy about looking through that thread).