Are there any wg games with sex in them?

Title is pretty self-explanatory. For as many games I’ve played, there aren’t any NSFW ones out there and I’m curious to if there’s any games on here with those themes in them.


It does appear to be a contradiction for games on this site. The ones with robust fat content lack explicit sexual content and vice versa, like they’re opposite values on a slider or something.

The ones that seem to tread a fine middle are Gumia’s Unbelted Terror (More weight focused but there’s a lesbian sex scene in the first town), Hungry Girls by Paploman (More for expansion fetishes in general than just weight gain and it’s also a grindy-as-hell gacha trap), and Free Cities (A open source text based slave owning simulator with a limited weight gain mechanic, but very robust romance and sex options)

One project that I’m very much looking forward to is Love is the Way to my Heart, which is an upcoming text based weight gain dating sim with art by GentleGolem that looks like it plans to have explicit sex scenes written for it.


Apostles has lots of sex scenes.


There’s sex in my game The Weighting Game, but the scenes are softcore rather than hardcore.

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@moonslashx’s Surviving the End has some scenes and since it’s still a WIP there will be surely more to follow in later versions. The game uses Daz 3d for visuals with sex scenes being a mix of stills and an animation or two.

@GrowthAcademy’s Growth Academy has a few in the later scenes of the current WIP game for the main WG love interest. There are other growth factor girls in the game with scenes as well. The scenes are mostly text with hand drawn/digital CG’s mixed in. Alice’s scenes are not as heavy on CG’s as some of the other girls but it is a WIP so that is likely to change as the game gets updates. Which happens every three months.

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There’s already a few sex scenes in my game Some Girls are Bigger than Others, with more in development.

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