Hungry Girls, a Three In a Row Matching Game

The goal of “Hungry Girls”, made by paploman on DeviantArt, is to increase their bust size.
Its like a matching game. If you get three foods in a row corresponding with what the girl wants, they’ll leave with their order.
Before you do that though, you have to give them milk, which increases their bust size. The bustier they are, the more points you get after they leave.

You actually have to keep them from getting too fat, because all they want is to expand their bust. Extra weight other than that deducts the points you gain.
To keep them from getting too fat (and thus losing the game), you have to feed them fruit. Their weight will go down, but any weight they gain from their bust will not decrease.

However, if you keep matching foods, there’s a chance that you can boost their capacity for food by spinning the Lucky Wheel, and gain other prizes as well!

If you feed a girl their favorite food, you will have the option to meet them in bed. A successful round will help you gain even more prizes.

Certain foods will add weight to their butt or belly, aside from the aforementioned milk which boosts their bust size. If you have a character with high capacity and you just keep fattening them up, this is how they will look:

The game can be downloaded here. Stay tuned to the creator for new updates.


I played this one, a while back… It never fully uninstalled, for some reason. So now I kinda can’t play it, or it gets all buggy.

quick question: is it possible to increase their capacity and how?

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Yes! Weight capacity is increased when you reach certain points milestones. You get to spin a wheel to increase it by (usually) a small amount. Or, you can just use a .sol editor…


I see, so Minerva could be used to edit the files to increase the capacity myself?

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Along with a lot of other flags, but it’s tricky.

not really if you know what you’re looking for, fortunately I am a quick study when it comes to computer stuff

okay so how does one edit the capacity of the characters then? and what the best site to download or use .Minerva?

Does anyone have any code of this game?
Is there any possibility of using cheats?

well when I dug into the files for the .sol file for it the game said it was Flash so I had to use a downloadable variation of Minerva that is still functional for Flash, and as for editing the capacity (via the method I used) you have to look for a numerical variable that has the name of the girl follow by max (eg. BubblesMax) then change that number to alter the capacity

can found searching google?

I never used this type of editor to edit the .sol file

would you have a link for that site with the download of .minerva? I first tried googling .minerva myself but trying to find a safe site to download site for it is a pain, let alone to find one that works with flash games

and do you need an extractor to find that .sol file or is it just search the folder the game’s in?

I think you can get Minerva by searching Vector Course Minerva or something like that, but otherwise I don’t remember where I got it, and as for being able to find the file your computer’s file explorer should be able to do that for you

I can’t get in DeviantArt; is there another way I can get to the game?

Why would you not be able to get into Deviantart?

You can download it from here for the current build.
The version OP linked is already out of date.

Found a tutorial to edit the game files.

  1. First, you have to open the .swf version of the game (not the .exe one, so the editable file is generated)
  2. Then, you go to this site: .minerva and click on “Open”.
  3. Copy the %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\ text that appear below and paste it on the Browse section with “Your Computer” selected on the left to quickly find the files.
  4. Go to Shared Objects and select the first folder, then open the localhost folder. Up to this point is kinda self-explanatory.
  5. And lastly, you’ll select the girl you want to edit the capacity of by clicking on “~GirlName~Max”, just like @DarkShadowWulf mentioned before.
    This video also might help you, if you need it: How to use .Minerva 4.1.1 - YouTube

where is the .swf version of the game located?

In the same folder of the .exe version
It’s called HungryGirls2019.swf

this might be a stupid problem but when i go to open it, it asks what to open it with and theres no options.