Have anyone ever made a fat Fallout 4 Deathclaw mod/model?

No, not for the playable anthro deathclaw race(s).

Hmm I think I saw one on here once a bit ago but you gon’ have to go searchin’ for it.

This would be the one you saw. WIP (V2) - Anthro Deathclaw Refits for Coldsteelj's FO4 Weight Gain Mod Which @FatZyra indicated they were not interested in. As they are looking for an npc mod to my understanding.

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Yup, that’s correct. I’m looking for a mod for the monster/creature deathclaw.

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Ope sorry I thought there was one but I guess not. I would make a mod like that for you but unfortunately I am terrible at computer stuff like that.

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Hah, no worries! And yeah, unfortunately I’m not good at modelling either, hence why I asked if someone happened to make something like that already.

i would love to see this for the new vegas/3 deathclaws too