Hello everyone, I'm Euphoria

Hello everyone, I’m Euphoria, a developer who has been working on the game Red Brim for several months now. it’s been stealing my sleep, but damn, it’s exciting. :smile:

I’m developing the game in ren’py, and it’s my first venture into game development, so everything is quite new. Using some image-generating AI 'cause doing it solo is no joke, but I hope to add more members to the project in the future to enhance the overall experience.

Not sure if visual novels are still the jam. Give me a shout if you’re into them. Curious to hear what you think!


Haha, game development can definitely steal your sleep! Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Welcome! I wish you luck with your game dev endeavors!

Visual Novels are one of my favorite types of games! My favorite is an h-game called Funbag Fantasy! It actually inspired me to make games! It pulls you in with waifus, but has an incredible world, characters and comedy!


Welcome aboard! Always good to see another developer enthused with their current project. Hopefully progress is going well. And of course VNs do fine here, you’re in good company!

Hopefully we’ll see a Project thread for Red Brim sometime in the future, but there’s no rush. For now, please feel welcomed!

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I wonder how other devs manage to juggle two projects at once. I’m already losing my mind with just one :rofl:

Anyway, I’ll be opening a thread for my game soon!

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Welcome to WG!

Visual Novels are still popular (I did a quick search for the renpy tag and there are 100+ entries here), and definitely one of my personal favourite styles of game - both playing and creating - so I’ll be waiting patiently…


I’ve created the topic; I hope everything is correct, especially regarding the allowed NSFW images :rofl: