Hello! I'm Muffin! Nice to meet you.

Hello all! My name is Muffin, or MuffinTopManor. I am a writer primarily on Deviantart, MuffinTopManor - Student, Writer | DeviantArt, I exist on Twitter (for now), and I lurk on this forum and leave questionably reliable reviews and reactions to games.

Occasionally, I try to release content. What I’ve got currently up is WIPs, but I plan on really putting boots to the ground on a few Ren’Py projects, and I hope to take some time to go back to working in Quest and TA as well. I’d love to work on RPGmaker stuff, but I gotta buy it and increase my computer specs. My major WIP ideas are the (currently on hiatus) Freshman 50 Text game:

The (also hiatus) WIP trading card game with no real name:

, and 2 Visual Novels, known as the Weight Gain Isekai:

and another currently unnamed and unnanounced visual novel about life after college.

If anyone is ever looking for a writer, editor (trained in AP style and grammar), or playtester with terrible tech specs, I’m your guy! And if anybody ever wants to contribute to projects as an artist, editor, programmer, tester, or anything I can’t think of, please reach out to me!

And for those wondering, I plan on eventually working on all of these projects, but I lack artists or the technical equipment to really advance the card game, and I fell out of love with the Freshman 50’s engine, so it may become a Ren’Py game instead (if I can figure out how they make games like Gain of Life and Piece of Cake lol)


In your opinion, what’s your best existing work?

I really enjoyed the idea and (sorry in advance) pre alpha that was around for a bit for the isekai WG VN. Definitely an idea that’s been touched on a bit in a couple rpg maker games that are still WIP, but a VN sounded like a great idea.

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On my DeviantArt, I’m quite proud of one or two stories. My Fat Puppy Girl by MuffinTopManor on DeviantArt is probably my favorite piece of individually complete media I’ve made.

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Thank you! There is still some work going on for that, working with my artist friend on stuff for it. I can’t promise any soon upcoming release date lol, but the isekai VN will exist.


That story was really hot! Deffo awakened something in me. I wish the fattening process was more drawn out, both in number of scenes and detail in them. Could you write another in this line, either in the timeskip or continuing with walks and stuff?

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I’ll think about it definitely! Thanks for the support!

Welcome! I’m new too. I basically joined because I got stuck in Apocolypse XL. ^^;