Help finding a game. (Sci fi, 3D animated Characters, youtube trailers) Edit: Solved

I think I saw awhile ago a game on here that used the same art style as vtuber avatar models to create 3D OC characters. I remember there were a few youtube trailers that I saw teasing it but I can’t remember the name and don’t see anything in my youtube history that reminds me of it. Any help might be appreciated.

Game was scifi themed. 3D animated characters with a stylized anime vibe to them. Involved starting tests of weight gain specifically the video I remember was on a goblin like character. Wish I could add more than that. I know they had a small collection of youtube tests and trailers for it. Seemed like it was going to be big but wasn’t out at the time I saw it.

Any help is appreciated.
Lastly I wasn’t sure where to post the topic so I apologize if this is the wrong place.


I think that the game that you mentioned is hyperspace.


Wow yes solved. Thank you so much. I’ve literally been typing and googling anything I can try to see if I could find it. I didn’t think this would get completed so quickly! You have no idea how much of an itch that was lol

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