Help in trying to remember a game

Hi all, having trouble remembering the name of a game, all i remember about it is that you’re a paranormal investigator for your YouTube channel and you end up going to a bayou manor of some sort. Some of the endings were being stuffed by a ghost maid, being a werewolves breeding toy, meeting a mystic/oracle and becoming a himbo treasure hunter for her, and feeding a ghost man so much he bursts then you become immobile. I believe you were playing as a guy too.

If anyone remembers the game, a link would be very much appreciated.

Thankies in advance.

I read the description and knew I’d seen that before, and I was able to track it down by searching the forum for “werewolf.” You’re thinking of The Inflation Plantation by lamarcodon, link below:

Oh my God it is, thank you so much, for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name. Thank you.

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