The Inflation Plantation (18+ only)

Hi everyone! A while back I mentioned I was making a Choose Your Own Adventure in Twine.
I finished it! It’s the biggest project of this type I’ve ever completed.

download link:

The Inflation Plantation is an Interactive Story featuring a human male protagonist, vaguely described so you have a better chance of self-inserting if you want. There is no option to play as a female and there will not be one, as I am uninterested in producing female-focused fetish content.

You are an Internet Personality who has a channel based around investigating paranormal activity, and this weekend you’ve traveled to the American South, where an old plantation home sits deep in the swamps. The locals don’t like to talk about it, either through shame or fear.
You’ve got your trusty smartphone though, ready to record some footage of REAL ghosts, no more hoaxes or people in costumes. You plan on staying overnight.

Simple HTML file, should work right in your browser. I am NOT a coder, programmer, etc. but if you have questions just ask me and I will do my best.

I rushed this a little bit to try to get it out for Halloween, by the way. So… I had to make some cuts, but I will release a version at a later date with all cut content restored, and certain things polished/refined or just fleshed out better.

Let me know what you guys think! Just about everything kinky in this story is MALE FOCUSED, fyi.
Fetish List Incoming

main fetishes mpreg, inflation, stuffing/bloating, cumflation
lesser fetishes weight gain, transformation, dubcon/noncon
occasional fetishes vore, macro/micro, drunkenness, funny accents, enslavement, oviposition; sometimes immobility due to becoming too large, too full, too pregnant, etc.

story does contain sexual scenes, primarily M/M, often involving a ghost, a werewolf, or other such monsters and VERY often noncon or dubcon.

story does NOT contain the following: gore, scat, underage, catgirls, Sonic

I think that about covers things, you guys let me know what you think! I know weight gain isn’t like the primary focus here but it IS present so I hope I’ve posted this in the right place, just let me know.


I am enjoying this story so far. This is after getting one of the endings, so I’m already looking forward to finding other endings here.
Gimme more big boys!

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sees Mpreg in the fetish list NOPE!


oh sweet at least someone likes it X) I figured with as female-focused as this site is, all I was gonna get was “EWW mEN” haha

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Heheheh, yeah, I just think that’s only because there are more heterosexual men on this site. But anyway, I think my favorite character…Well, characters would be Mammy Vi and Beau. Beau because…Well, he’s hot! And he can be a real sweetheart depending on how you handle him. And ghost lady because she makes the boys go blorp! I don’t think I’ve found all her endings, but the biggest I’ve gotten with her is when I fail to escape, and I end up nearly naked from overstuffed fattening.


sweet, I’m glad to hear that

I promise in the future I will flesh out some of the other characters, give them some more scenes and complex scenarios to go through. Beau in particular got the lion’s share of content I’d say, kinda ended up becoming the main antagonist.

basically even though the project is “done,” for now, I’m not done working on it or adding new stuff. But I DO need a break 'cuz this has been my main focus the last couple months! X)

bro im heterosexual but the problem is you post a mpreg game in a female-focused forum (but not so much for fetish master) i recommend put this project in other site i dont like this i can see potential in this thing (EWW mEN XD)

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Let me be clear that this is not a female-focused forum. I started this place years ago before handing it off to Grot, and I have zero interest in women. I can’t really tell if you’re joking, but regardless, I want it clear to all people reading this that there is no focus to these forums beyond games that contain either weight gain or inflation (or any other fetishes related therein).


well I’m sorta half-joking. This might not be a ‘BBW only’ site, but let’s face it, most of the content here is lady-focused.

if I only get a few people commenting that they like my work and enjoyed the male-focused stuff, I’ll be happy, that’s what I’m saying.


yes, I particularly like games that have big men, they need more affection. and I have a feeling that people are a little afraid to post things like that so I appreciate your courage

the little games that really have men in the middle have comments like “you should put some chicks in there man” hey, let us be gay for big guys, they also have their charms :upside_down_face::ok_hand::ok_hand:


i know right?
incidentally there are some female characters in my project here, but… not much kinkiness happens TO them.
Rather they are often the catalysts for kinky things happening to you, the protag.


could we have an option to be a female character instead?

Ohh you know, maybe I should mention that in the main post, thanks for reminding me.


Ah, dam… to each to their own.
Hope your project go’s well.
And not too many people ask for womans, or sonic

:stuck_out_tongue: that was just a joke

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Fantastic! This was probably the best text adventure relating to this kink that I’ve ever played! It was so well paced and thought out, and it’s male focused too, that combination is so hard to find! Can’t wait to see you expand upon the story in the future!

P.s Mamma Vi is adorable, I love her!

X) awww thanks
I’m planning on taking some time away from it since I got a little burned out trying to ‘finish before Halloween’ but the more good feedback I get, the sooner I might feel like jumping back on to add the rest of the content in that I planned originally.
appreciate it!


well they could appeal to multiple demographics by adding an option for a female protagonist

So first this is good this is a surprisingly fun text adventure I’m not a fan of everything here but it was fun playing through. but I have to inform you that I think there is a glitch every time I head into the bath room there is nothing but a blank no text or anything. I’m not sure if it’s lacking content or just isn’t there. I want to inform you and hope you continue the great work.

Also praise mamma Vi.

If you’re talking about the room upstairs? Yeah that was a mistake on my part, it’s simply a locked door you can’t access at that point in the story.

that will be fixed when I upload the next version.