Help with stats in Quest?

Hey I have a quick question. I’m trying to use quest but i can’t seem to implement individual stats for charecters at all. I’ve tried for example creating an item that makes the player gain weight but it doesn’t seem to work whenever I type in an expression to change the variable. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Thank you!

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There are so many potential causes for this unspecific problem. I’m going to assume I understand your vernacular and answer vaguely in a few ways.

  1. It may be because you are using the buggy online client. My advice is to use the desktop version. You cannot easily set attributes to objects in the online version. It can be done, it just takes more effort than most are willing to put in. There is another thread about this: Quest troubles... - #8 by Seeker9043

  2. One possibility is that it just doesn’t appear to be working, and that may be because you set up your status variable incorrectly. Here is a picture about how that would look on desktop. The ! indicates where the value will go.

  3. It may be because you made an error while coding. This could be numerous things from technical errors to lacking a good plan. Changing a variable should be very direct and easy. You first create an Integer variable on a character object (in this case the player), you add a Verb called Eat to the food object, you make that call a script that prints text and sets the variable like player.weight = player.weight + 5 or something, then you eat the object and your weight goes up. Alternatively, you could access some sort of potential weight value in an integer attribute of the food like food.calories = 5.

There are too many ways to do it to list them all. Since I don’t have any pictures, error messages, or details from you, this is not even the time to show you how an example works. We can’t help you with nothing to work on. I don’t even know what client you are using.

Also, I think that changing variables might be a repeat question for this site. I may be the only one answering these questions for Quest here anymore. You might benefit more from posting / browsing on the Quest forums and Quest documentation if you do not know where to go from here.

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I just saw this thank you!

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