Honey Combat Request Posts

Alright, there is a lot of feedback on HoneyCombat and I’m glad so many people have enjoyed the game.

So this thread will be for any SUGGESTIONS you think would be good in the game or that you would want to see in in the game. (if we continue development)

I do have some rules.

  1. Healing ideas are not allowed. (if we add any type of healing it could break game balance so if we do add any healing thing it will be only discussed on the dev side of things only)
  2. Characters Popping or Exploding are not going to be added. (There is 1 exception to this but it has nothing to do with any humanoid characters)
  3. Not adding any male specific stuff. (Period)
  4. Remember these are only suggestions that we (the devs) can choose to use or not use these ideas.
  5. Thank you for you suggestions and have fun.

(also admins if I have categorized this wrong please fix. thank you)


I think it would be cool if the enemies could eat the honey you drop. That would give you something to watch out for, and you could potentially use it to mess with their strategy, especially if a variety of honey that weakens them somehow was added. 2-player could be fun as well.


Some form of upgrade to the changed units like the sumo or the first type maybe bigger belly gets more health idk but I imagine you get the idea


Heya, first of all, really cool of you to make a request thread. Not a lot of people would to this kind of thing^^

One of the things i like most about your game is the whole deal with being able to counteract certain situation with certain units, gives the game a feel of strategy instead of just “Spam the strongest units as much as possible”. Every unit has it’s unique uses, strengths and weaknesses. Stompers are fairly good at clearing clumped up units, Waxxers are great for stalling, Guards are well-rounded units, being decent in every aspect and Artilleries are great dps if they don’t get hit.
Now here’s the point i want to make: An Artillery might be incredibly vulnerable to attacks, but there are little ways to reach it. Only other Artilleries seem to be able to properly reach them most of the time, which kinda leads to trying to brute force the frontline to try and get an Artillery to shoot the backline. The easiest way to victory right now seems to be one or two Artilleries and a bunch of Waxxers as a frontline, plus the enemy generation doesn’t spawn the right units to counter that.
So it would be nice to see a unit able to reach them, make an assassin/ninja type. Perhaps a stealth mechanic to make them undetectable to other units and a targeting to make them focus stronger units until they get their first hit off - a somewhat stronger burst than the Stomper, while the unit itself is very vulnerable. Of course the price would have to be at the higher end and the unit should probably move a bit slower to give time to counteract them.
A unit like this would also enable the possibility of supporting units, since there would be a manageable way to reach them. Maybe something that makes the standard units just a bit stronger, but that’s just random talk, nothing serious.
Anyway, glad to hear you hear people out, I can imagine it being quite some work to do so.


A top-heavy assassin that moves slowly not because of stealth, but so she doesn’t lose her balance too much?


Sounds like an idea. Would also work well for an attack animation, a breast smother would work quite well i’d imagine.


Mayhaps other factions that you can unlock by defeating them?
There could also be upgraded and hybrid forms possibly?


-More stages to the Queen Bee’s growth, possibly have her start off smaller than her base form in the Gain Jam version.

-More noticeable changes in gameplay when upgrading the queen such as unlocking access to different/new units/upgrades, faster pollen regen, etc. Could go for something akin to Age of War 1 and 2 where upgrading the queen also upgrades all the units (at the cost of making tons of assets).

-To further elaborate on one suggestion posted earlier, ability to evolve/upgrade units to higher stages by having them consume the same honey type again.


Rule 4 makes biological sense since only one bee out of every hundred is male.



well im pretty sure by this point most of the good ideas have been said, but i got a few ideas that are semi decent or are just stuff that doesnt mess with the main game (assuming you guys decide to make a kinda campaign for this) like including a kinda sandbox mode that gradually unlocks more features the further in you are.

another previously mentioned is upgrading bees to have more attack, health, etc. but why not add a visual change to indicate that opponents units may be upgraded too?
like if a opponent had an upgraded attack stat, increase the bust size of the bee while if it has higher health, give it a bit of a gut.

later on you could also add a form of cosmetic to the bees, like being able to change the color of the armor or adding a tiny hat to them for doing certain in game challenges like maxing out the queens size in 5 to 10 seconds or killing 10 bees at once.

aside from those a kinda buff character would be neat. like a priest that could buff bees by increasing the size of the bees (in various ways), but having a max of 1 on the field at a time and/or costing as much as the queen’s honey.

sorry for the wall of suggestions.


can we get mixed honey? like
wax+wax to bulid wall-waxer to block attack but can’t move,
stomp+stomp make her too fat to fly and walk more slower but every hit is crush,
Artillery+Artillery = time limited turret,
Guard+Guard = 4arm guard
Above is basic Upgrade, now is for mix
Wax+stomp = crusher, more DEF but slower and death crush for last attack
Wax+Artillery= thrower, same range but slower attack speed instead is higher power
Wax+Guard= tanker, higher speed and DEF, but power is same to Guard
Stomp+Artillery= Sprayer, Short range, multiple targets
Stomp+Guard= Charger, ran back and turn back again, dashing to enemy and sit on their face, is super high power but cool down very long and they weaker than guard
Artillery+guard= Wrestlers, Throw the slower teammates to the front line and throw the enemy back to where they came from, but no Damage.


fun fact stompers don’t take damage while flying, so the intended way to take care of artillery is to try and push the line back so you can drop a Stomper on them. The other reason for this is so that you can’t just use 7 artilleries and expect to win. I will admit it does need improvement, however I have single and area hit options now so artillery only hitting 1 target at a time might mean they need a buff, i have yet to test.


walls are what i like to see, it means it’s a more thought out idea then just a line of text


any idea (within the rules) is a good idea and the more times they are said it lets me know more people like it and if yours differs slightly it might make the idea actually usable if it wasn’t already so please don’t assume every good idea has been said and also don’t be afraid of off the wall ideas either


Another interesting idea would be to have a third party involved. Maybe some type of mercenaries or merchants, who both sides can interact with; having this option as only a temporary event would most likely be for the best. It would mean the AI would have to have a currency system too (unless it already does in the code?), but having to decide between either pushing against the AI, risking your enemy to get a reward (Special unit? temporary boost? maybe another way to heal the queen?) or saving for it yourself and risking the enemy building up a strong line of attack would add some more strategic thinking. Might be difficult to balance though.
It would enable other races to be present in the game for sure, since it would be strange for a bee folk to be wanting to paid with honey.

It also seems the AI is spawning units fairly randomly, even in higher difficulty? Or is that just bad rng on my part? Because I think a system to increase odds of the AI countering your strategy at higher difficulty would be a nice challenge. Maybe something like:
"(Player unit type [x] amount [y] active) * (difficulty [z]) = (increase in chance for AI to spawn counter of unit type [x])
but as I said, maybe there is already such a system in place and I just had awful rng.


it is random with weights so that the player doesn’t get curb stomped, because the current hard was the original easy difficulty.


Yeah I would prefer if the queen started off smaller and have more stages of growth


So I have a pretty good idea-


That aside, I think a benefit to making the Queen Bee larger wouldn’t go amiss. I don’t know if there was any noticeable effect in the game, but aside from making Queenie have to shop for new pants sizes I didn’t see much effect.

Perhaps for every size increase on the Queen, you can pick an upgrade for each of your units as a sort of branching skill tree system. An example would be like…

The Waxer would have two options, an aggressive and a defensive path. Go down the aggressive upgrade path and give her a larger gut/overall size increase for heavier hitting attacks, or take the defensive route and give her an armored carapace over her exposed bits to expand her health pool. Then you could either min-max one path or go for an even route as the queen is fed.

It might be a lot of work, but it would really expand on playstyle options.


Honey Combat was a wonderful game y’all put out for the game jam, so I’m really excited that the team is thinking of continuing development towards a complete version. That being said, I guess I’ll contribute a few ideas.

  • As someone mentioned a few replies above me, having the Queen start off smaller and contribute more to the gameplay could be a great way to incentivize the player to feed her. This could in turn cause the centurion’s honey to be more potent, raising the base hp and attack of all units, maybe even altering their form slightly.

  • Perhaps more advanced units that take a queen upgrade or time limit to activate? I saw a request for a defensive unit in the other thread, so maybe an unmovable fat bee unit that halts the enemy charge temporarily could fill a slot potentially.

  • Random events that could potentially turn the tide of battle would keep the gameplay interesting. Could be something that delays the player’s pollen production or maybe on the extreme causes a whole wave wipe.

So many ideas have been said already it kinda feels I’m copying a few by now, but i’m glad people too are expressing interest for this amazing game! I’m sure whatever the devs do end conjuring up will definitely be a treat :wink:


the queen increased how many units you could have on the field at a time 5 to 6 to 7, adding 1 makes a huge difference. we do plan on adding more effects for leveling up the queen.

I don’t want to add UI menus to the gameplay. Extra upgrades for characters will most likely be added, but come at a cost to use, but will also bring massive diversity to the game.