Horizon Zero Dawn chubby Aloy project.

If you click on the link to their Twitter it would probably answer most of your questions. They have a link with all their mods on nexus. There are a few different outfits and sizes currently and @TheAncientOne has updated this a few times since the original announcement of the first mod. So there could be more in the future for Aloy.

Here’s a link to the mods they currently have on nexus. You may need to make an account to view NSFW content.


I checked but there is no tutorial. I downloaded the BBW version of Aloy’s brave outfit but I don’t know where to put it or what folder it needs to be in. I know it needs to be in the Horizon Zero Dawn folder but other than that I’m stuck. It didn’t work when I just put it in the folder

The description just tells you to be it into the game folder. I don’t have the pc version to be able to tell you more than what is said on nexus. The dev or another user that has gotten the mods to work might be able to help you out.

You can always try the vortex app as well. It does make things easier if your unsure of what to do. And generally works fine for mods unless otherwise stated by the mods dev.

Extract the .rar archive into the game folder. The same folder where the game .exe file is. All .bin files should end up in \Packed_DX12 folder.

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Is it in the saved games folder and in a autosafe folder?

I played Resident Evil with your model, it was fun experence.

If you ever make a mod for the witcher 3 its gonna be epic


will you make an ssbbw version for Aloy in Horizon Forbidden west or is it difficult to make or you got no time for it?

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