Hosting Tainted Elysium & LLC

Tainted Elysium

So it looks like we a fair bit of positive responses to hosting Tainted Elysium on Weight Gaming. Due to this we will be spinning up a new server to host these web based games so everyone can play these games in their browser. That being said, we want to make the most use of the server as possible so we will be opening up the server to hosting other web based games. So if you are a dev with a web based game and would like us to host it free of charge send me a message.


So some fun news we have filed the paperwork to officially form Weight Gaming into an LLC! This is great as Weight Gaming will now be its own independent legal entity! This greatly reduces the sites reliance on one or two people and make the transfer of the site easier if it ever needs to be handed off again.

Here is some info you all may find interesting.

  • The LLC is co-owned by both myself and @kilif
  • The LLC will actually not be named Weight Gaming. This is for privacy reasons for when we open up the store front so Weight Gaming wont show up on your credit card statements.
  • We will still be able to do business as Weight Gaming though as we will be filing a DBA so nothing front facing will change.
  • The process (the LLC formation, DBA, and creating new accounts) will take a total of 2-3 months.

The only problem is we did not budget for doing this as early as we had to. All in all I estimate the rough cost for everything (the LLC formation, registered agent, and DBA) is going to cost us between $500-$750. Originally we wanted to wait till late this year/early next year so we could build up some funds. This also doesn’t count the ~$700-$800 we will have to spend on the site still.

Just for those who may not know this all had to be pushed forward mainly due to the European Copy Right Directive.

We have been able to adjust our plan a bit to help blunt this cost, but with our current income this means that we will be operating in the red for most of this year and maybe some of next.

Luckily we are i debt to ourselves so not a bad deal, but we will have to be very selective on how we spend our income. So we will more than likely not be funding any projects this year and if we do a game jam we will more than likely not be able to offer any prizes.

And with all that said here is our shameless plug. If you want to help Weight Gaming grow and develop as well as help us do cool things for the community I encourage you to stop by our Patreon!


So chances are you can host it sometime soon?

Kilif and Grot have been talking about how best to host it. It’s coming when they get done with that. They haven’t discussed a time frame.

While we dont have a solid time frame yet we are aiming for no later than the end of this month. This may change though depending on how much time we have though.

I have different opinions. One that seems more likely to be asked from my view is, have you reached contact with the original creator?

Atticus explicitly gave me permission to host TE before he went dark. But in the event he rescinds this offer, we’re more than willing to take it down.

You said you can host it and if it’s up do you have a link to it?

Not at the moment. We’re setting up the environment to host it, which includes an SSO so that people have to sign into WG to access TE. Once that’s done, it should be a simple matter of uploading it and some minor configurations.

Alright then do you have a estimated time when you might be finished

@Catqueen Please refer to my previous answer to your question.

My bad felt like it’s been longer than a month for me sorry

Yo! I was kinda wondering how work on the whole thing was going? Don’t mean to be a nag, but curiosity got to me.

And if it’s not happening right now due to whatever possible reason, that’s cool too!


Its kind of on the back burner atm. We had a few projects pop up that took our attention away from it. We still plan on getting to it but it may not be till after the game jam with our current work load and life.


That’s cool, well keep up the good work! And thank you for the response

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