[POLL]Back in the Black & Upcoming Projects!

Good day everyone! Its been a bit since I have done one of these news announcements, and now that I have some time and some news I figured I would make one!

Back in the Black

So first some awesome news, if you have not seen our most recent Income Statement we are back in the black! And this also happened about 3-4 months sooner than my original estimates! For the most part there are 3 main drivers of this.

  1. The refund of the investment in the Overlord Project really put us in a better position even with us reinvesting $500 into another project and covered first prize for the game jam lowing our expect expenditures.

  2. We got 2 big backers that really helped boost out income helping us to make up that gap faster than we expected.

  3. We saw a bit more growth in our over all patreon then we expected especially during the game jam which further helped us make up for our shortfall.

We would like to thank all those who have and are backing us on patreon for the generous support! Without you all this wouldn’t be possible!

Closing the 2019 Game Jam Posts

So just a small thing here, but we will be closing the posts for the 2019 game jam at the end of this month. Now that the jam is over we dont quite want discussion to continue in those threads so we like to close them out. If you are one of the devs that entered this year and want to continue developing you submission please make a post in the projects category.

Some Bad News - Canceling Hosting a Web Based Tainted Elysium

A bit back in our Hosting Tainted Elysium & LLC post we talked about how we where going to try to setup a small web server to allow users to play Tainted Elysium in the browser. Unfortunately, if you have opened chrome recently you may have seen this:


After digging into this a bit more Flash is reaching its end of life in 2020 and all the major browsers are dropping flash. Not only are they dropping flash but they are going to actively block using flash after 12/2020 (in chromes case though most have announced dates around mid to late 2020). This means if we where to go through with our original plans the game would only be available for maybe a year at most before all the browser would block it, so after some discussion we decided to not pursue doing this now.

@kilif and I are talking about maybe attempting to reimplement Tainted Elysium at some point but for right now we dont have any plans. You can still find a download link in this post I believe if you still want to play it, but you will have to download a stand alone flash player if you want to keep playing it after 2020.

Better News - Upcoming Projects

Around the end of the game jam we reached out to @PeachClamNine about his VSM project. We explained that we wanted to reimplement VSM in godot to test out some tech that we are exploring for a larger project we got planned. He agreed and granted us permission to reimplement the game and his art assets, stating that waiting for Phaser3 caused him to loose interest, and he felt it would take more work then he would be able give it to make it into something to his standards.

So as of 9/1 we have been working on reimplementing VSM in godot. Right now I have a small single player prototype working which I was using to work on replicating the mechanics in VSM.


For right now we have no plans on releasing this little single player prototype while we work on the web based multiplayer version but we may pass it around to our $10+ patreons to get some early feedback.

I got to say though I have been learning quite a lot of interesting info about setting up multiplayer games. I know this info may be interesting to more people then just myself so I want to leave you all with a question. I am thinking about maybe making a small 4 part dev blog where I would go through the dev of this reimplementation. So I would like to ask you all, would you be interested in seeing a small series of videos about it? Vote below to let us know!

  • Yes, make the Dev Blog Vids!
  • No, I could care less

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And as usual if you like what we are doing and want to support us, check out our patreon!


I keep forgetting if black or red is the good one lol. Congrats.

ugh, the people responsible for these browsers are dumb for dropping flash and blocking its use, we should be able to continue using flash without having to go to an alternate browser that was smart enough NOT to block flash

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I think Internet Explorer will continue allowing Flash. I mean, they still support Unity Web Player which got dropped years ago, so you could use it to continue playing Flash games.

you missed the part where I said “we should be able to continue using flash without having to go to an alternate browser that was smart enough NOT to block flash,” in other words we should be able to make it so flash still works on ANY browser, Chrome included

Hopefully someone will make an extension for that. It’ll be annoying to get, but if it gets made it’s a one-time install.

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Woah, does this mean VSM is still being worked on?

Yes, we where given permission from @PeachClamNine to continue development on VSM. We are still trying to figure out how to expand on it though after we are fished using it for our testing,

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I used to be in Atticus’ server, I guess this is the final F

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That Shiba Inu Meme (and internet memes in general) GIVES ME NIGHTMARES!!! :angry:

I think you replied in the wrong topic.

I was really looking forward to seeing Tainted Elysium online again, but until another alternative is found: