VSM Rewrite

If you all remember our post back in October @PeachClamNine was kind enough to let us do a rewrite of VSM in the Godot engine.

And good news, we finally have the first phase up and running! For those of you who want to check it out you can play the game here: (OFFLINE - Will be back up later this month) http://webapp.weightgaming.com/vsm/

Its fairly stable atm though there may be some issues we have yet to find yet, so if you encounter anything or the server goes down let us know.

Known Issues

  • Screen is black after loading
    • We do not know what is causing this but refreshing the page usually helps
  • Server Crash
    • Looks to be either running out of memory or trying to send to much data at once. Will try to fix it when we can.

Future Plans

  1. User profiles
  2. SSO integration
  3. Ability to set custom display name
  4. Bandwidth Optimization
  5. Leader broads
  6. Chat

We hope you all will have fun with it!


lol I got to admit we did not think so many people would join it would cause the game server to crash twice.

We will work on trying to keep it up but as a heads up we may tear it down to try to find the issue later.


I think we got enough data to be able to try to track down the issue. We are going to leave the server down for tonight. We will announce again once we get the server back up and running.


Heyo! I missed this while it was open and was curious as to when it might be open again.

I am working on optimizing some of the net code right now. I am aiming to have another version to test up tomorrow hopefully.

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Sweet, take your time though!

Ok we had the server running for 3hrs last night with no crashes so we are trying a longer run. If you want to check it out click on the link above. We plan on trying to keep the server up till around 11pm-1am GMT-7 today.

Test looked good. We are seeing some possible memory leak issues but nothing that looks bad. We would like to thank everyone who helped today and we will bring the server back up soon!

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Good news is that the VSM server has been running since Thanksgiving with little to no issues that we can at least see on our end. We do need to take down the server though to inspect the logs as well as try a different fix to the crash that we where experiencing initially.

Due to this we plan on shutting down the server tomorrow and then bringing it back up for the test. I thank you all for your help with testing this game thus far!

We are running another test tonight to try to gather more info on what was causing those crashes. If you wish to help just join in and play with the server!

We got the data we needed! Thank you all for your help with testing this. We will be bringing the server down for now but hope to bring it back up later this month.

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so how large do you guys plan to go for the weight? and why no eat candies option?

Right now, not any larger. We are using the sprites that @PeachClamNine was nice enough to give us and we are not sure if we want to invest money into getting more sprites done.

We are just following the original rule set that was set out in the original game. We might make some modifications like that later but for right now its not planned.

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Long time Lurker here, just want to say love this game and not sure if it’s still being worked one, but either way love the intention behind this, preserving the online experience for all.

A shame, I would love to see more sizes in this game, getting big is fun.

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This project is still being worked on by us. Right now we are working on the background infrastructure needed to host the game as well as implement some of the other features. Since this is not direct work on the game itself that is why there have not been very many updates.

We do want to test Godot 3.2 though when we get the time as they fixed some issues we where having problems with so that may happen when we get some time to work on it.

so whats new with this

I would like to remind you that according to our rules on improve the discussion we request that you do not ask for updates on the progress of projects.

That being said I am mainly focusing on the main site with my time atm to host the client and may do a net code rewrite latter this year or early next.

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