Tainted Elysium download?


Hey there!

I’m not exactly new to Weight Gaming but I needed to make an account to ask this one question. Since Atticus Arc stopped paying for his website, I couldn’t find a way to download Tainted Elysium again. I tried to ask VentureGuy but he said he didn’t have a download, so it turns out I had to make a post here.

If anyone is still active, please reply with anything useful.

Thanks alot,


Crap I had played it quite a lot but is it offline now?



Latest version plus changelog and debug guide.


So when i try to use the .sfw it says “This file does not have an app associated with it for preforming this action.” i tried it as a .zip file also but it just shown a bunch of codes, anybody know how to get to working or what i need? thanks in advance.


I’m not sure which OS you use, but I use the “Flash Player projector” standalone application available on this page: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html


It works, thank you for your help.


Does anyone have download link to a version where clothing is enabled?


clothing was never enabled in any of the versions, so the answer was, is, and always will be, NO.


That’s wrong, I have the version that clothing is working. It was 0-1-7A and it was right before he made a lot of changes to the back end. Just don’t have anywhere to upload it right at this moment.


Will you be uploading that version at some point?


I’ll need to look into some hosting options or talk to @grotlover2 about potentially adding it somewhere on the server. Atticus gave me his blessing to upload it so just a matter of finding a place to do it.


Ok take your time with it