Hotel XXL - Axxis' Entry

This is a script I have been wanting to write for a very long time and I believe this is the right time to release it for you all to enjoy. This is sadly only a demo due to time constraints but I will be working on the game further in the future.

The game is a visual novel that follows Evan, young chubby guy who won a 28-day vacation at a luxury hotel. The story of the demo follows his first 24 hours of his vacation meeting the friendly handsome staff members you’ll come discover along the way. The game also features a first in WG gaming history and that is fine dining given the correct choice at the demo’s branch decision.

the game is windows only but here is the link for those who wish to download and play it:

I hope you all enjoy your vacation :slight_smile:


I love seeing more male WG on here. I’ll check this out and edit my comment later.


I think I may have beaten you to it by a few months :stuck_out_tongue:

(And I’m quite sure I wasn’t the first either…)


darn it, Well it’s nice to see another fine dining setting and I hope you enjoyed the game regardless :slight_smile:

It’s the main reason the subjects of all my games are mainly male, it’s good to see some fresh characters and settings every now and again.

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For those following the progress of the project i’ll be creating a new thread soon for continued work after the Game jam so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I gave an honest try at a game outside of my usual tastes.

There is a surprisingly large amount of backgrounds, allowing to get an nice idea of how the hotel looks like. the whole thing has a pleasing atmosphere that goes well with the writing. The main menu, as useful as it is, is maybe a bit to clean for the established visuals.

I can’t have a gripe over the lack of facial expressions variety, since this is just a demo of sorts.
But the use of the tools at hand to move the characters and fade them in and out does enough
to make this feel polished mechanically.

This experience was overall, Charming!
I encourage you to practice drawing and writing to reach your own standard in these fields!


for those who want to follow future development of the game please feel free to follow the new thread here: Hotel XXL