Hotel XXL

You follow the vacation of a Chubby young man named Evan, who is on a Month long all expenses paid vacation at Hotel XXL after winning a competition draw. Upon arrival he takes in the scenery of the legendary hotel and all the services it has to offer. How will his vacation go, who will he meet and what will he indulge in? That’s for you the player to control and find out.

Itch .io current version here: Hotel XXL by Axxisproductions

After the 2020 game jam I gained a passion for this project and wished to continue the project until I fully complete it

Game jam thread and original build: Hotel XXL - Axxis' Entry

4/10/2020 - Itch .io page created, receptionist character model added and general spell check.

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I think your itchio link is broken, it leads to a page saying it can’t find the link.

it should be working now, feel free to give feedback :slight_smile:

A lot of major updates for this month guys, as you can see by this screenshot the game is now available in your browser rather than being a download only title.
The game has also received 2 new characters and 2 new backgrounds which I hope you guys enjoy, there is also Day 2 in it’s entirety as well as spelling corrections from day 1.
I am no longer setting dates for updates but I will keep you guys posted the next time an update happens in the game.