How do I get the Skyrim Winter Weight mod to work?

Hi, so I have been having issues trying to make this stupid mod work. I am not kidding i have spent 8 hours trying to mod this thing in but nothing works. No one seems to help or atleast not yet and I really want to figure this out.

if possible can someone please provide a step by step guide from installing to using bodyslider? I am at a tipping point here as I have never had this issue with modding Fallout or really any other game.


Okay, now this will be a lot. And I don’t blame you for missing the requirements. I might of made a mistake or more as I go, but I want to help.

We got a lot, so first, we start with using Vortex to compile your mods. First is the requirements for the mod. There are a lot, and even the requirements have requirements.

  1. ConsoleUtilSSE is the first requirement. It has two more following requirements: Address Library for SKSE Plugins, and Skyrim Script Extender, the latter of which you said you had already.

  2. JContainers SE: You’ll want the second one, it worked for me. Requirements: only Skyrim Script Extender.

  3. Papyrus BodySlide Preset Reader. Requirements, only Skyrim Script Extender.

  4. PapyrusUtil AE SE - Scripting Utility Functions. Only the main file. Requirements: only Skyrim Script Extender and Address Library for SKSE Plugins. Which you have downloaded by this point.

  5. Powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender. Requirements: Address Library for SKSE Plugins, but more importantly powerofthree’s Tweaks.

  6. RaceMenu. Requirements: only Skyrim Script Extender.

  7. SkyUI, Requirements: only Skyrim Script Extender.

I can add the links, but they’re all in the requirements that the mod page provides. There should be no more to do by getting at least a CBBE body to use it with since this is what this mod is made for.

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Do you know if I should be messing with the bodysliders? Because That was the part that I did not get. For example in fallout 4 coldsteelj had a unique bodyslider and group I knew to use, so far idk if this also has one or not.

Also when you mention the second ConsoleUtilSSE are you referring to the API?

The mod comes with a prebuilt body for getting fat. If you want to make a different present than the default. All you need to do is make a present in the CBBE body that you want, and it should be available to pick in the menu in the game when going to female morphs.

This mod that I installed. The main file.

This probably the last question until I come back stating if it worked or not which will prob be in 15 mins, but how do you access morphs. TBH this is my second time modding and first using body mods in Skyrim atleast.

Ok I got that then, thx

Also lmao guess not last question for now, but is there jiggle physics or no?

To access morphs in the game, it will be in the Winterweight mod configuration sub-menu that you’ll see in the menu when you select options and such called mod config.

I will reinstall the Winterweight to help you go through this, as I need to do this anyway for myself. Sorry if I sound like ChatGTP some times.

Jiggle physics animations though body sliders or with real physics?

I dont know how to explain this but in fallout 4 there was CBP which you could use with coldsteelj, here is the same but there is also the 3BA or 3BBB, that is the best I can explain, so I guess animation. Also you dont sound like chatgpt honestly and if you did atleast your not stuck in 2021 lmao.

Also what do I click here?

You’d want all for editing outfits to be morphable if they aren’t by default for the mod.

Okay so once I install of said mods I will install winterweight, then wait for you to help with the morphs? Because I have no clue how that works.

I will be available for lie another 3 hours, but if possible finishing this asap would be nice, but im still glad you are helping thx.

The morphs might not be needed unless you want to add more to the game. This is the preload weight gain currently in the game and “can” be slowly edited in the game.

Already the looksmenu is working ill test out everything else.

On the Winter weightmod the charcters have a belly and stuff while my character does not.

Do you know anything about that?

Also it worked thx, but now im trying to figure out how to have physics when moving and the belly, once done then all should be well.

Yeah, my character didn’t have much of one either. it was very much an hourglass, and the NPCs have fat bellies you said?

In the screenshots on the winterweigth mod it shows this.

and other like examples and now I am trying to figure how this one works.