How do I get the Skyrim Winter Weight mod to work?

That’ll need a body morph aka a preset made in Bodeslider. Funny that they wouldn’t make that the base in a weight gain mod.

technically since the mod allows weight gain and so on if I go into bodyslider and make my own when I gain weight it will turn into said morph?

Correct and you need to build your outfits in the corner with the batch build and all outfits checked and build morphs checked too.

Okay got you, question on the physics though, do you know nay compatible with this?

Although thanks for all of this I can prob figure the rest out now.

Improved Camera Lets you see your cleavage. But So far, no dice for the jiggles; the one I used seems defuncted.

Opps, my poor tired brain didn’t notice that that the jiggle mod was outdated. I updated it and it worked. This mod requires Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE and XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE.

Ah thank you very much. Now for the final part i need to find a preset or something for the stomach now.

Well, all you’d basically need is to turn up a big belly and chubby waist in the game to get a bigger gut.

By in the game do you refer to in the actual game or bodyslider?

Well, I said in-game.

I found that one of the sliders is called SSBBW3 and does nothing. Might need extra dependencies.

Interesting, I should find a way to do that although idk where to start maybe i can find something.

very interesting, i think also like that