how to escape the dream?

i am wandering around in an odd dream sequence and see no way to get out


From what I’ve seen and heard, It’s currently incomplete

Wait a few hours, the dream will end.


All right
What’s the contents of the dream, leave no detail unmentioned if it seems significant to you then it is
Then walk through the event chain
This hound has tricks up his sleeve because if there is something I understand well

oh… i see… well that was suprisingly simple.

Before this gets too confusing, or wanders off-topic completely, @foxstarfive’s OP is about a dream sequence in Yaffaif (likely the Adventure one). @Lundar has the correct answer; just waiting for the player to wake will end the dream.

Well this hound feels…foolish

who knows, perhaps this is just a dream and i was influenced to make a call for help by my conscience.

@cerberus I wouldn’t worry, it made me smile!