How to join groups

Weight Gaming offers 4 groups that members can join.

  • Artists - Animators, Artists, and 3d Modelers that wish to share their skills with the communiy
  • Coders - Community members with programming experience that wish to share their skills
  • Writers - Writers in the community that wish to share their skills
  • Devs - Community members who are working on projects that curated by Weight Gaming

To join one of these groups first open the groups page. The link to the groups page can be found under the side bar like so:


Once you click on the groups link you will see a list of available groups.

The group type in the upper corner dictates if you can join the group at will (open), required to request access (closed), or the forum automatically will assign users to that group (automatic). To join one of the closed groups simply click request access:


Once you request access the following screen will appear:


Fill out the provided template with the requested information. Please note that the Artists, Coders, and Writers template are mainly for convince and can be modified as long as the requested information is provided; the Dev template though carries a legal agreement that must be accepted for Weight Gaming to curate your project. Any modification of the template outside of the areas provided can lead to your application being denied!

After you fill out the request, click submit request and the group owners will be notified to review your request. After your request is review the owners will either accept or deny your request.

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