Welcome Back!


I am happy to finally say the the forum is back up with a new look and best of all new hosts! But, where are my manners, I am Grotlover2 and I am the one that took over the site from Kilif. Nice to meet you all!

Now that the formalities are out of the way here is the TL;DR on what happened to the old forums. Our old hosts bricked some of their servers with a bad firmware update. After many attempts at contacting them for status updates it did not look like they would get the server back up and running so we chose to abandon them. Unfortunately, this means we where also not able to get a recent backup of the forums from them to restore from so there is some data loss. Specfically, what was lost was

  1. Any data from post spring of 2017 (we do not have an exact date but our most recent available backup is from spring of 2017)
  2. All attachements

We restored what we could, and reset up the forum to what it is now!. We hope that the new forum will prove to be more intuitive, and easier to navigate then the last one!

A few other major things you may want to note:

  1. Only accounts from around & before spring 2017 were migrated over. If you have one of these accounts instructions on how to recover it can be found here.
  2. If you used to be a dev on the old weight gaming site you will have to reapply for dev status. Instructions can be found here.
  3. We now have some user run groups that are mainly for community members who want to help out other members. You can find info on how to join them here.
  4. We have set up an official twitter account for Weight Gaming. This account will be used to mainly share information in case of an other outage, but will eventually also be used to announce events like game jams.
  5. Finally, we have setup a patreon to help raise funds for operating, and expanding Weight Gaming. This will be discussed further in a later post where I will outline the planned road map for Weight Gaming.

I welcome you all back, and thank you for bearing with us through this ordeal!

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The links to points 2 and 3 don’t go anywhere. I think they should be to:

Nice to finally see that the servers are back online! I can now chat again with you people.

@dingotush thanks for pointing that out. They are fixed now.

So, what is your experience with the forum so far?