Hungry Birds

Help a bird chomp their way through some haphazard structures! See how low you can get your shot count! Come up with a third exclamatory statement for me! It’s Hungry Birds, where there’s actually only one bird but they’re gonna eat all the donuts they can.

Link to download

Click and drag with mouse
Space to end current launch/cycle weights on level select
R restart level/clear save data on level select
Shift to view the other end of the map.

Credit to for the music


So far it seems pretty good!

should be called Hangery Boids


Aww bois and gurls, here we go! first game!

Alrighty, refining some stuff and getting basic menus in.

Link to Download

  • re-worked aiming system to give more control of power
  • objects now break with slower speeds when hit by birds of larger size
  • hitboxes of birds now circles instead of squares
  • angular friction of birds increased to make them roll around less
  • made screen wider
  • added space key to end current launch
  • added a band to the slingshot
  • added second level
  • added level select screen
  • escape goes back to the level select screen


  1. If you pull the slingshot down (and not left enough) too far and let go, the character just collides against the slingshot’s base and flies straight up.
  2. The launch speed is way too sensitive, especially when you’re skinny, you practically have to work in individual pixels to avoid under/overshooting where you want them to go.
  3. Deleting the “bird” when it hits the top of the screen makes level 2 annoying, especially when combined with issue #2. I wanted to do a trick shot into the tube, fired upward, and thought it was taking too long to come back down, but it turns out they were back in the sling.
  4. More of an actual opinion: I think these testing levels need more destructible objects, it’s not really Angry Birds without, like, a whole teetering complex to destroy.

Dude, this game needs more levels, models, sprites and etc

Buddy, it’s not done yet.


Man, the game’s barely even a placeholder, give it time.


More menuing, a camera, and playing around with some level designs.

Link to Download

  • added a camera to the game
  • added system for block breaking animations
  • made ceiling much higher so the bird doesn’t despawn as soon as it’s off screen
  • reworked the levels a bit
  • added next level and level select buttons on level completion
  • added shot counter

A Quality of Life option I’d recommend is a button or keypress that skips to the next shot when the bird is just rolling slowly to nowhere in particular.

it’s already in the game, it’s bound to Space

For some reason space isn’t working for me… I’ll try downloading again to see if that fixes the problem.

Seems like a good start so far! Like some others have said, the slinging seems to be a little touchy when skinny still.

And I know it’s probably WAAAAAAAY too early for this, but I’ll still suggest this for when you get to general polish: It’d be nice if, at bigger weights, the screen shook upon impact/landing. :3

Link to Download

  • added more levels
  • shift now centers your camera on the other side of the screen when held
  • auto-respawn is slightly slower
  • lowered launch power to give a bit more control

Pressing “Next level” does take you to next level, but it doesn’t “unlock” it for you on level selection screen. Only when you press “Level Select” does it unlock it for you.

Usually the stick figure (as we’ll call them now as it’s a placeholder) auto-respawns after all the objects have settled. The player should be able to estimate the next launch after taking a look at the map, and if any amount of food was eaten.

You can take a look at the map at any time by holding shift, I will have to look into the other thing though.

Link to Download

  • fixed levels not being unlocked in the level select
  • updated sprites (bird sprites are still placeholder)
  • added two more weight levels
  • decided ten levels is enough for now
  • added level names and scores to the level select screen
  • technically not new but I forgot to mention R restarts the level

I really enjoy how much you can feel the weight in this game. Mechanically the game feels pretty good. It can be a bit difficult to get the precise shots but overall the game feels right.


Alrighty, here’s the final-ish version. Might make some changes, and of course any bug fixes, but I’m pretty happy with what I have. Going to change the main topic to reflect the current version.

Link to download

  • score now listed as shots instead
  • updated bird sprites
  • scores will now be saved
  • pressing R on the level select screen resets your save
  • centered level buttons
  • added background
  • made level 3 easier
  • changed font color to black
  • added some birds to the level select screen to show off the new sprites

EDIT: I forgot SOUND