I created a weight gain visual novel playable in browser it uses AI though

It is VERY early in development but im having a lot of fun
i wish i had the money for buying art or the drawing skills
inspired by emma growth


It’s not a bad start, honestly. Could probably use some writing here and there, but as a proof of concept, it’s good. I’d reccomend doing something about the decimals, though, I got some really wonky numbers after a bit.


nice concept, would love to see where it goes

Not a bad start. No issue with AI art, personally. This is the thing it should be used for: facilitating creators to cheaply produce small, independent titles. Not your fault the providers haven’t figured out the ethics and pricing model to do it fairly.


yeah, i believe a good story and an engaging game loop are more important than art style.
allowing ppl with good ideas but no budget or art skills.

promising start. Look forward to seeing where this goes!

This is a very interesting game, I can’t wait for future updates!

Like everyone is saying, good start! I like that there is already both story and game mechanics, and they work with each other.

The spacing between things is too baggy. On many pages the extra spacing means the reader has to scroll to see the last text even though there’s less than a page of text and images, which is frustrating.

Either there are a bunch of blank lines in a row in the script which shouldn’t be there, or bits of twine code are making blank lines when they should be making nothing at all. If it’s the latter, I think there’s a tag you can put around some twine to say “none of this should print anything”, which would help.

Please add a download button to itch.io page?


It looks really promising! What AI Generator did you use? I really like the generated images


great work hope it continues Sz

Like everyone else is saying, this is a promising start and already has some good images. Would you be able to fix how much extra space there is between the text lines? It seems weird to need to scroll so much when there’s only a few lines of text on screen.

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as someone who has play Emma’s growth, this has a long way to go but is off to an okay start, my advise is to work on making the world and adding more characters including alternative romantic options

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im fixing the blank space and working on interaction with the characters
the next update should be up this weekend


uhh i dont want to be a copycat but i really want to do the comparation thing that is done in emma growth
but i will try to change it somehow
give me feed back if you want something different


As long as you’re not out right stealing assets, story, dialogue, etc, copying ideas or having things be inspired by another project is how a lot of people develop things in general. I’d say go for it. If you are at all concerned about it worse case reach out to the dev and just ask there thoughts on the matter.

Personally it just sounds like you just want to use a similar idea and there would be no issue, outside of your own person feelings on the matter. Especially since your game is not in the same fetish and you aren’t outright ripping off another game.


So, aside from more content; maybe some more in-depth descriptions of the gains or her current state to go with it would be pretty cool. And maybe a way to influence where she gains, but not as a big deal.


basically what @Krodmandoon just said! and put in places that a girl looking to not burn a lot of calories would do like movies, restaurant, arcades, shops

Also add some character who might be gaining weight for different reasons than your character and people who are obsessed with exercising but perhaps are secretly chubby chasers themselves.