I have a question about a project that isn't my own

So, there’s a visual novel out there in the internet that includes a a substantial amount of weight gain content, but also various other forms of expansion. Whilst normally I wouldn’t be interests in expansion, I feel that the weight gain content is of a solid quality, and so would like to know if it is possible to get the game on this forum somewhere, even though I am just a fan.

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What’s the name of the game?

If you don’t own the game, I recommend posting a link to the creator’s page

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It’s called Growth Academy

The games that have threads here are brought by their creators. @kilif @grotlover2and I usually don’t make a habit of going out and trying to get creators to use the site. I feel, and i think the others do as well, that doing so might actually push people away from the site rather than actually bring them. They would be more than welcome to maintain a slot for their game here, but there is a lot of people who work on the game so they might not even want to open something up here. Regardless they would of course be welcome.

In this case I would recommend posting the game in the unclaimed game list here: Unclaimed List

It looks like it was already posted there a couple years ago, but my antivirus flags the link for some reason? it wouldn’t hurt to link it again.


Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the heads up

And if it’s a link to their actual website, I believe it went down sometime last year, so they’re using Deviantart and discord instead. I thought they were dead, but they released a new demo this year lol