I made an immersive Skyrim Weight Gain/Loss Mod

how can you have ssbbw3 on skyrim?

the people who developed the devourment mod where able to implement coldsteelj bodies into skyrim, with clothing working and everything, its kinda amazing


Seriously? That is crazy.

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Being able to have this body while using winterweight is an amazing experience, thank you so much for doing this body!

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Definitely looks like something which I could create, but it is hard to tell that I did it since I didn’t make something like that for Skyrim :slight_smile:
I even thought that this is my recent body shape for Skyrim which I made after “WeightMorphs” addon release, but I am sure I didn’t share it anywhere, so no one could have it. By the way, is this “winterweight” mod use morphs for belly sliders when character’s stomach is full?

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From the names and structure, almost sure they ported the body from the Fallout mod

Now about winterweight, unfortunately it doesnt yet… would love a mod with that. its a great mod for progressive gaining since it takes a while for the character to get fat/thin… but i would personaly like it being quicker/instant, unfortunately its the best mod so far for weight gain for the fact that it lets you use custom sliders… while weightmorphs doesnt.
lately been using fill her up (the cum inflation mod) to make the character belly bigger

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We did indeed backport some sliders from Coldsteels’ Fallout4 body. I did ask for permission to do this, and Colds is credited on the Refactor Nexus page. More conversions for this body are available in our Discord, linked on the Refactor AE Nexus page also.

For Winterweight, I have been working on adding a capacity system with gradual digestion, over-filling/stuffing mechanics and a stretching system. That will be in the next update.

As for WG being faster mechanically, lower the Maximum Weight, that will make the travel shorter. Next update I will also add MCM settings to allow the visual aspect to be sped up / slowed down.


Oh snap, I am going to try Winterweight after filling/stuffing update. Will share new Skyrim sliders for your mod after that.


thats amazing to hear!

also, i would ask a “force update” button to put it imediately on the weight is trying to transition to as a debug feature.
had some times that the weight got stuck for a looong time and i coudnt reset or do anything until it was done (i ate too much in one go…)


Do you have a rough estimate on how fat you can make a character using this mod?

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where can i download this mod?

How and where can one download this mod, and which other mods do you suggest using to work with?

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Little update:

I haven’t been active here for a long time, however I have been working on this mod on and off and I am almost at the stage of releasing it but due to IRL keeping me very busy right now I probably have to set my plans for the end of this year back to somewhere next year, but I hope I can make it til then. As of now the current features of the mod are:

  • Dynamic weight gain/loss with immediate visual changes to your character (fully customizable too)
  • Optional “stuffed” setting causing your characters belly to be temporarily bigger when full
  • Hunger mechanic that is seperate to calory intake, creating various ways of creating diets
  • Race and sex directly affect passive needs of your characters
  • Extensive customization in the MCM menu
  • Optional semi realistic item weights in the game (rebalanced for immersion)
  • Needs system is based on nutrition values, creating a much more complex system than “small/medium/large” food items

In the future I hope to even add NPC dialogue to the game but for now I will focus on finishing the race/sex differences and finish up the item rebalancing. After that I will do some clean up of the mod and then it should be good to go. If anyone is interested you can playtest it now as well.


With optional “stuffed” setting belly get bigger only when “full” or it temporarily get bigger each time character eat some food?

My idea was that since I already have the hunger be represented in different stages with “Full” being the second highest and “Stuffed” being the highest I would probably make it look more bloated if the stomach is filled beyond “Full” and have it basically gradually become bigger the fuller you are. And then add a couple settings for people to customize it to their liking like strength of the morphs and when it should start to become bloated.


Btw, if anyone has ideas for what kind of statistics I should add let me know which ones and I might add them to the stats page!

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It would also be cool to have the values for being stuffed and full changing if the player stuffs themselves frequently.