I made an immersive Skyrim Weight Gain/Loss Mod

Hello there!

As the title suggests, I made an (in my eyes) rather impressive Skyrim mod that focuses on an immersive weight gain experience. Some of you may know about “Weightmorphs” which is a mod that features live body morphs based on how much you eat. My mod does the same, except that it all evolves around a calories-based diet within a standard hunger mechanic.

You need to eat, and depending on what you eat (and how many calories it has) you gain or loose weight over time. This is also affected by how much you move around, what race your character is, etc. There is also a detailed status page that shows measurements of your character!

The mod is not finished yet, but already in a very playable state and I am very proud of it. Other planned features of the mod are:

  • Make other NPC’s gain/loose weight through immersive dialogue
  • A detailed settings page (currently the main development focus)
  • Said settings page is planned to allow in-depth customization about the calories-diet mechanic


That is amazing, may I ask if It will work on male characters too?

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Not planned as of now, but once the mod is done I may consider it.

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Question! Is there or will there be stuffing/overeating as well as belly sounds? It’s ok if that’s not planned I’m just curious. o3o

There will be a setting under the gameplay settings within the MCM menu to allow “overeating” in a sense that you can exceed the usual hunger limit and that may make the belly temporarily bigger, yes.


What’s your nexusmods page? I wanna go follow/bookmark/whatever.

Is it morph-based? Node scaling? Or actor weight? There are still no SE mods for the last one.

For that matter, is this mod for Skyrim Classic, or Skyrim SE/AE?

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Adding my voice to asking this.

Sounds awesome! Did you mean to share a link to it?

Interesting; I’ve historically used a combination of weightmorphs and realistic needs and diseases, before recently taking a look at bodymod/weightmod which has been unfortunately held back by the recent skyrim modpocalypse (it relies on skyrim platform which is as of now unpatched).

If this mod is compatible with the rest of my current labyrinthine load order (the important ones for this mod are probably 3BA, CPBC, Faster HDT-SMP) and can recreate and/or add to the features of the earlier mentioned similar mods, then I’d be more than happy to give it a whirl.

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I have no intention of releasing this on the Nexus due to their policy changes they made a while ago. However once I publish my mod it will be available for free on my personal website.


It is primarily morph based as it uses the same methods for those as WeightMorphs does. However to guarantee a consistent “Weight to Morphs” ratio the actor weight is also utilized in the entire process as well. When you create your character your actual weight will be based of the actor weight you set it to. From there the weight changes based on the rest of the mechanics.

Latest Skyrim Special Edition version. I haven’t tested it on AE yet but it would probably won’t take too much work to get it done.

I am using custom CBBE HDT model (including proper belly jiggle :stuck_out_tongue:) I made myself so it should at least not screw up your game. As long as the armor and body you use is/for CBBE you’re goodie.


Well, since I am using Skyrim AE and this modification was made for SE I think I better ask before testing it out for myself:
According to your screenshot there is a “Belly” size. Can you tell me please how exactly “Belly” size change in your modification? Is it made just like in basic “WeightMorphs” where belly dynamically increase in size each time character eat some food or not?

The way you gain weight is completely different from WeightMorphs. Every single food item in the game has certain values for Calories and Nutrition. You eat food, it goes into your stomach. Throughout the next 24 ingame hours the game gradually processes said food and based on what is inside your stomach VS. what you need (based on your overall weight and playstyle) you gain or loose weight. This way, you can eat carrots all day and loose weight, or you can stuff yourself with sweetrolls and become fat over time.

In a nutshell: No, you don’t instantly get your belly big by eating a bunch of bread as WeightMorphs does it. Instead, you accumulate fat over time and also can’t get rid of that fat gut as fast as you may like.

Of course, everything is customizable so you can tweak it to your liking :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention, certain body parts, for example, the belly becomes bigger based on i.e. a higher fat value, so every player character will look somewhat unique based on what exactly they eat because every single food item has different values. It is not all just “Light, Medium, Heavy”.


Is there a max weight that you plan on stopping around? / What’s the limit before the morph starts to look buggy atm?

There is no weight limit, however the armor sets I modeled start to look a bit funky around +120kg

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