Skyrim weight gain thread mod

Any chance for a skyrim mod that causes weight gain

Have you tried looking through the results for skyrim when you search on this site?


Thats hard to do and requires me to go against being lazy


There is, but good luck getting it to work or getting any help with getting it to work on the mod dev’s discord.
If you have Fallout 4 then there’s coldsteelj’s WG mod.

There are plenty of topics created on the site for this these for example, plus some others.

You can also check places like:

The Best thing to do is follow the instructions of the mod creator for how to install but some general guides and advice could be found here. Will likely apply to mods outside of this forum more then things linked here. As creators often give instructions on what to do.

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True, the bethesda mods are nearly impossible to install correctly and there is so much that can go slightly wrong for it to not work. On top of that, its nearly impossible to troubleshoot

I might have to take another shot at modding Skyrim.

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